Lived another quiz.

Yeah! lived another quiz. Wait a minute, technically speaking, there is one more subject left but since it is three days away most of the normal people will agree with me. How better to start the celebration than attend all classes with a broad smile?! (I am not being sarcastic) so here it begins-freaking out after quiz2, or so I thought.

There was nothing out of the ordinary with most classes today, except, of course, the one class I like to blog about - ED- a course about engineering drawing, graphics and CAD. It is supposed to be interesting and fun. Note that the emphasis is on "supposed". Anyways all that you need to know is that (x,y,z,t) is (classroom for ED theory, just after a heavy lunch).

It all started ( Herge style! ) when a friend of mine interrupted us when we were busy watching a movie to remind us about the class. Argh! the guts to disturb and remind about this class! It took a lot of determination to ditch the movie and make the long ( er.. not that long. This is just to add to the dramatic effect) journey to class.

I thought that the three of us can rock the class as usual but it turned out a big time flop. One of them starts behaving like a geek and began doing next week's assignment with my stationery. I tried to snap her out of it but ended up complaining to the girl next to me who ( another geek at times) takes her stationery out saying ," Hey, good idea"! Imagine my situation. In a desperate attempt to save them ( and myself in the process), I snatched all the pencils lying around and then needless to say there were some vain attempts to snatch them back. One of the guys behind us passed a lazy comment," Sir, girls are doing mischief in class". He said that it was good entertainment for him and far better than listening to the lecture. Entertainment it seems! The arrogance!

For a change I listened to the class and actually understood what he was trying to draw but after some time the board was overflowing with lines and planes and that's when I officially gave up. Having learnt the important lesson of not playing silly games in class ( refer previous post), I decided to put my pencil to work today. I felt my artistic skills needed rekindling and ended up filling the page with random sketches ranging in diversity from tortoises to ducks. The proffessor must have suspected my unusual interest in the assignment book I was drawing on and asked me for a pen (to explain planes? Fishy, don't you think?) I got some compliments for my sketches too, from my pals, of course.

When I am thoroughly bored, I start scanning the class. I thought I'll start with the fellow who passed the entertainment comment. His arena would be visible only through the corner of my eye. Wait a minute, he was not there! He had crashed on the desk, head down! From uncontrollable bombarding of doubts five minutes back to dozing off peacefully; he sure has a unique ability to change moods in a jiffy. There was this other guy on whose desk the professor placed a cardboard model of a pyramid. This lone wolf was actually staring at the pyramid as though it had just landed from Mars. My eyes then drifted to a trio who were discussing ( ED? ) all over the assignment book in front of them. I wonder why everyone was interested in ED, of all subjects.

I guess this habit of inspection of the class is contagious. My usually blind friend seems to have taken to my ways. I did not witness this though:
I turned back because some jobless fellow asked the equally jobless professor, who could have found something better to do than bore us with ED, a doubt. These guys were holding strips of paper, bent at different places and at different angles. It seemed like they were planning to build Eiffel tower out of those strips. I guess it is a part of some projection of solids funda. Who knows, who cares?

Boredom, at its best

I took some time to digest the fact that I had arrived early to class. The class was just starting to get filled up and I was already there in the not-so-usual second bench. You might be thinking this is some high credit course which I would not miss for anything in the world but you are sadly mistaken. This lecture is very much in the competition for most boring lecture of the semester and I am sure it will win too. I saw that my friends had already arrived. I asked them if they were out of their minds for having arrived so early and one of them replied that there was nothing else to do and so she came early. Excessive studying is not good for health. I was firm in my decision to not listen in this class for I had no plans of losing my sanity.

As soon as the professor entered the class my brain started processing ways of staying awake. It might have been the result of this excessive thinking but I ended up deciding to play a silly kindergarten level game of join the dots with lines. I know that this is the height of being bored but as always I had no plans of dozing off in class. A few minutes into the game and I felt this was the most boring game of the century, in spite of the fact that I was not losing. I got distracted for a while as I paid attention to some few minutes of the lecture for no particular reason. I asked my pal ," What did u do?" I actually meant to ask which line she had drawn and she answers with a straight face, " I drew a line." This is what happens to people who are taxed with uninteresting classes all day long. I, however,lost the game because I overlooked an obvious winning move. I declared that this was the most boring game and not worth playing under any circumstances no matter how bored one might be. I gave up the idea of playing games during a lecture (well, I would have played NFS during any lecture) and sought other ways of keeping myself occupied.

I could see the entire class from where I was sitting. The positioning of the bench relative to the other benches as well as the angle of sight was just right. There were some people who were as disinterested as ever while some others who seemed to be doing other nerve-wrecking work. There were others who were listening to class but the sensible people among them gave up halfway. I realized that there was quite a substantial number of students in class which is quite odd for such a lecture. They must have calculated their attendance earned till date and not been satisfied with the observations.

My eyes fell on a guy whose beard was singularly different from beards that I have seen. It resembled a lawn that was half mowed at arbitrary places and watered for a few days. My attention then switched to another guy who seemed to be engrossed in a sword fight using his palm as the sword. On closer observation, it turned out that he was listening to class intently and was trying to visualize the projections and elevation views (it being a drawing class). The next person I set my eyes on was nodding his head so badly that it seemed very likely that it might fall off. Eventually the class came to an end, officially. It was time for the much-anticipated attendance sheet. It turned out that the professor had forgot to bring the sheet.