A-Z Reloaded

Step into my shoes and the English alphabet will look like this.
Inspired by Vatsap?

Argh!; extremely expressive when it comes to anger
Bang!; speaks for itself, doesn't it?
Chocolate; my weakness
Devil; evil laugh
Exceptional; me!
Fish; peace
God; pray
Hunger; Grr!
Insecurity; whatever that is
Jinx; Freaky
Kiss; Ah!
Life; and the beauty of living
Money; to be spent on chocolates
Niche; jus' like me... small 'n' sweet
Oh; gen
Plucky; Definition
Qualm; no qualms about this one
Rival; get insanely competitive
Sarcasm; simply marvellous
Travelogue; love reading them
Universe; it's just so perfect
Vice; definitely vice
Weird; weird
X-men; super cool
Yay!; use it a lot.

Zoom; on my cycle.

That was fun. Give it a try and you’ll see.

Bang! Not again!

24/06/07: 19 30 hrs.

The short version:
I banged again just like this and this. Ouch!

The long version:
I was at this sleepover at Plucky’s place. Hmpf! More publicity. I had to choose between this queen-size bed with an intricately carved wooden railing but a not-so-soft mattress and a study table chair for a seat. As is obvious from my description, I chose the bed and began digging the laptop for useful stuff to send to my pen-drive when I noticed the beautiful pattern on the wall in front of me. Glow-in-the-dark stickers. I am a total freak when it comes to them. I have dozens of them in my room too, mainly dolphins. However, this was different. Stars of different sizes! I was gaping with my mouth wide open.
Me: Wow! they look wonderful.
Plucky: Yeah! I know. Wait till you see the ceiling.
I looked up and saw the ceiling. Wow! Double Wow! There were so many of them and I realized I was gaping again.

Plucky: Wait I’ll turn off the lights. It will look much better then.
The arrogant voice in my head: Duh! Where did your brains go?
Me: Ok. Good idea. Should have thought about it earlier!
Switches off the lights.
A bunch of crystalline stars frozen in mid-air while falling down onto the Earth, yet, seem to fall infinitesimally slowly.
Plucky: Hey, why are you straining yourself so much? Lie down, na?
Me: Ok.
Felt like she had hypnotized me! I was obeying her.
Update: She pushes me down.
Not again! That was when I stopped gaping. I no longer like that intricately carved wooden railing. After it had come in the way of your stargazing, who would?

I don’t know if she had planned the entire sequence of events ;) but well, I had banged again and that’s all there is to know.

The Marathon

It’s not like I’m worried about it. It’s just that it’s there. It doesn’t bother me or anything but what if? What if it starts bothering me? What will I do then?

I have been trying to figure this out for quite some time now. An intriguing sensation that numbs me all over. Neither does it explain itself to me nor have I made a conscious attempt at understanding it. I have been running away from it and will continue the marathon. Yes, it’s a never-ending marathon. Now, out of the blue, (or shall I blame it on this endless vacation that is driving me insane?) I feel interested in this issue.

Where do I begin? It is, after all, difficult to think about something you never wanted to think about.

Here’s an incident from the recent past. I got hold of this song from Plucky recently. Summer of ’69 by Bryan Adams and here’s how it went.
Me: Hmm. Bryan Adams… should be a good song.
Plucky: Yeah, its really good.
Me: ok, lets hear it then.
Plucky: k
Plays the song.
Whoa! That was loud.
Hmm, sounds good.
After just two lines of the song, she had to leave to perform some chores. So its just me and the song now.
Foot tapping and head nodding.
Damn! here it comes.. he sings, “ oh when I look back now”
And it had arrived. That irritating torturous feeling swells up within me. The line, “those were the best days of my life” served as the Grand Finale. That was it. I paused the song then and there.
Plucky is back.
Me: why does he have to sing like that?
Plucky: seems to understand my situation perfectly. Hehe I know.
I have the song on my Lappy but I never play it. I just don’t feel like it. I do play it once or twice these days but I still haven’t crossed that 50 sec mark. But you know what? That doesn’t bother me.

Oh yeah, here’s another one. A few days back, I was chatting on Gtalk with CL. Just another day, just another chat, just gen stuffs. She was about to sign off and that’s when it happened. She said bye and added, “missing you guys.” Damn! Though I instinctively reply with a conventional “missing you too”, my thoughts are elsewhere, busy trying to run away as usual. And this particular incident has happened twice on chat and twice on sms. Damn! Double damn! I just don’t understand it. “Miss u a lot”, “miss kar raha hun”, “missing u”; every single time, it’s the same old story. But you know what? That doesn’t bother me.

The other night, this friend of mine, came into my room all excited. I was in no mood to listen to anybody. It was time to crash and I wanted to crash. She, however, had other plans. She had just come back from this amazing date with her boyfriend. Bah! I was definitely in no mood for that. I played some arbit playlist and hoped she would cut the narration short and let me crash in peace. I don’t remember what she said (coz if I did remember and wrote it on this blogpost, well, I would get kicked. ;) ) but there was something about that date, that was unforgettable for her and affected me to the extent that tears welled up in my eyes. Damn! A sudden gush of something flows through my system culminating in an involuntary smile. Was I happy for her? Or sad for myself? Or was it time to run away from whatever it is that I have been running away from? Time to chase her out of my room. I did chase her out and crashed on my pillow with such high approach velocity that my nose pained all night. Ouch! But you know what? That doesn’t bother me.

“Hey, listen to this song. He sent it to me this morning.”
Oh! Great! Just what I wanted to hear. “Ok. Send it down.”
I hardly listened to the song the first time I played it. I was preoccupied with many other things. She seemed excited about the song but I was least bothered. I played it a second time to actually listen to it, and man, was it good. Damn! It was too good. Why does he have to sing it like that? And why does he have to say things like that? Oh, by the way, the song under question is Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden. But you know what? That doesn’t bother me.

In other news, I just banged my knee against the sofa. Ouch!

Sometimes its just an involuntary smile and at other times it’s a surge of feelings. Its hard to keep yourself from smiling when you see an STD sms that reads just a “goodnight :)” or to hear your phone vibrate on your bedside window sill just a few minutes after you sent a goodnight message.

But you know what? All of this... just doesn’t bother me.

The 8RF Game...

Yay! I’ve been Tagged by Crazy gal and the game continues.

Here are the rules:

1.Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
2.Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
3.Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

Eight random facts about myself:

1. As a child, I realized that the Earth was spherical but believed that we lived inside the Earth and that its inner surface was the sky.
2. Table tennis, ball-badminton, tennis, volleyball; you name it; I play all these with the one opponent who never loses – The Wall.
3. I never have and never will ride the Giant-wheel. I have, however, been on fiercer rides than that.
4. I have a huge weakness for chocolates and I find it very difficult to share them with anybody.
5. In case my scooter goes out of control, I throw myself off, land safely on my legs and let the vehicle meet its doom.
6. In a batch of 29 guys and 3 girls, I, the puny little girl, was the first to finish the Fitting Workshop piece and I was asked to help out a guy.
7. I had not cried at all for a few months, so I cried once just to clean my eyes.
8. I took a small brown rock from the backyard, placed it in an air-tight bag and claimed it to be a meteor.

Ok. Now that was Random max! Here are the 8 lucky ppl i get to Tag...
1. Neethu
2. Kaushik
3. Rid3r
4. Abhishek
5. Pranesh
6. Akila
7. Grinch
8. Saboo