First time for everything?

Conventions in amino acids, it seems. How do I care which groups have what charge and what the abbreviation or symbol is for some –cine or some –gine? Get a life. I have one. Let me live it my way.

How many are interested, I wonder. Isn’t it a much better use of time to solve your A slot assignment out of a sudden outburst of interest in the subject than talk or doze or play?

I appreciate Life Sciences (that's the course). It’s a beautiful world and that’s where I leave it. Asking a fellow classmate who had deviated about 10 degrees from the normal to sit up straight! Oh come on! Whatever happened to the fundamental rights of students. Wait a minute… there aint any! We hardly got to choose what we wanted to study at school and the same situation continues through college.

If you are wondering why I put up such a post then read on. I had all the enthusiasm in the world to solve that assignment. There was no deadline, yet I was doing a Math assignment. That’s not something you see everyday. My book was confiscated by the sadistic TA. That’s a first and I didn't like it.

@Noldorim: I listen in most classes. This was an exception. :)

@Freakin’ E batch fellow on the next bench with the irritating guffaw: It was not funny.

I don’t want the book back; I didn’t write proper notes. I do miss the L&T book-cover which looks real pseud though!