Making inroads into sports.

[ The original version of this was written for my hostel magazine but I didn't submit it to the editors. I am not very sure why though! ]

It is said that we discover our true identity during teenage. Life has been quite ordinary till date but all of a sudden I find myself transforming into a totally different person exploring newer dimensions. The fact that I’m presently living in a hostel, far away from home, is mainly responsible for this. The unrestricted freedom, the tremendous amount of resources and, of course, the brand name IIT is the perfect combination for a wonderful hostel life.

One of the most drastic changes that took place was sudden interest in sports. I wanted to master as many as possible. A thrilling urge to become a sport enthusiast. I started with the one sport I used to play decently; Badminton. The enthusiasm in sports activities in my hostel is quite high, that is, when RG’ed with other spheres. I got to play with my batchmates as well as seniors. It was a nice way to get acquainted with the seniors especially since I was new to the place. Technically speaking, I was playing baddy only but tennis and cricket also found their way in. ;)

I then ventured into athletics. It requires a lot of stamina, they say, but I wanted to try my hand at it anyway. What was there to lose? I cannot possibly get any lighter than I already am. [;)] Well, jogging does wonders to your body. I am not talking about all that standard information that fitness trainers brainwash their clients with. What I felt is that this boosts up your stamina or in technical terms, takes the “yield point” to a new high. (not that kinda high! ).

It was time to give the next sport a go. Tennis - I’ve always liked watching the game but never got the chance to play. You need lots of energy to play tennis it is not just a high-funda version of badminton as is the general opinion or at least my opinion. :D It was nice to get the basic fundaes from experienced seniors.

The next one on the list is Throwball. It is like playing Volleyball, with lesser probability of injuring your hands. I don’t have any comments on this one because I don’t classify it as a sport in the first place. :|

Basketball – truly a magnificent sport - I wanted to try my hand at this also. The only difference was that this was not a passing attraction like most others; I wanted to master it from day one. Form trying out a few shots to dribbling, I also got fundaes from a senior who was all smiles to hand down the tricks of the game. It turned out that there was a particular way of orienting the ball before shooting it. Who would’ve guessed that there might be such rules to this game? There is even a way of dribbling the ball. It is not just arbit up and down SHM!

The thing is I put a lot of enthu when I play and what do I get out of all this? A swelling, and that too, double the diameter of my arm thanks to badminton, a numbing sensation in the legs after running all over the athletics track, a chance to, almost, but not quite, fracture my finger during tennis, a scar having run into a pole while following every twist and turn of the basketball with utmost concentration and an excuse to get a Gurunath tea to pep me up!

Making inroads into sports, indeed!


  1. ever wondered y u r always 35 ks?....such a 'dynamic' person ll hav static weights...:)...
    anyway..glad u ve made 'inroads' in other fields too...gud luk fr makin more roads...and hope finally u ll not end up in corporation making roads...jus kidding chinky... :D

  2. ahem! dont put out such confidential info!! argh! and it is 36 btw!
    kid away chinky! :P

  3. still 36 kg?????
    i thought u would have gained weight with our mess fud

  4. the baski part is quite interesting... a bit faulty also(just to clarify... thr's no rule for holding the ball before shooting... its a technique tht helps)... and how do u run into poles with a basketball... high entropy is injurious to health... tc

  5. hmm the pole was meant for baddy net.. it serves as a baski cum baddy court..

  6. @anon
    Have u ever hogged at d mess?? coz if u have ull agree tht tis amazin ive not lost weight!

  7. It's quite intriguing how studious IITians suddenly develop an inclination towards basky, baddy, tt and the like.Seems like your in IIT Chennai...Found you through a common friend Mrithyunjayan... :)

  8. lol, i was looking for inspiration to get back to playing squash...this looks good nuff to me, lets see if it makes me sleep early and get up at, keep up d sports....

  9. hmm squash haan? sounds nice!

  10. nice!

    and why didnt u give this to teh magazne maam? :D