First time for everything?

Conventions in amino acids, it seems. How do I care which groups have what charge and what the abbreviation or symbol is for some –cine or some –gine? Get a life. I have one. Let me live it my way.

How many are interested, I wonder. Isn’t it a much better use of time to solve your A slot assignment out of a sudden outburst of interest in the subject than talk or doze or play?

I appreciate Life Sciences (that's the course). It’s a beautiful world and that’s where I leave it. Asking a fellow classmate who had deviated about 10 degrees from the normal to sit up straight! Oh come on! Whatever happened to the fundamental rights of students. Wait a minute… there aint any! We hardly got to choose what we wanted to study at school and the same situation continues through college.

If you are wondering why I put up such a post then read on. I had all the enthusiasm in the world to solve that assignment. There was no deadline, yet I was doing a Math assignment. That’s not something you see everyday. My book was confiscated by the sadistic TA. That’s a first and I didn't like it.

@Noldorim: I listen in most classes. This was an exception. :)

@Freakin’ E batch fellow on the next bench with the irritating guffaw: It was not funny.

I don’t want the book back; I didn’t write proper notes. I do miss the L&T book-cover which looks real pseud though!


  1. I thought you do get those buks bac... now i'd b8r stop mugging in 'life sciences' class... :P

  2. Yeah, I got it back. :| Now I have two math books!

  3. wow...
    u r a math goddess(???)

  4. Disappointed..... very disappointed :(

  5. I guess you missed the other Freakin' E batch guys who were laughing. That was the highlight of the class for me, and I forgot about it within 3 minutes!

  6. @johncena
    Sure! :P

    I've told you before and I'll tell you again.. I listen in most classes. This was an exception. I was doing th assn in the free slot before the class and was bent on doing more of it in the class that followed. One of those times when you just can't get yourself to do anything else! :|
    If it makes any difference to you, I am back to listening in BT class. :)

  7. Now now, young lady..... dont u take dat tone with me. Its all for ur own good, u kno :P

  8. @whitelighter
    Wow! Highlight of the class!! A privilege I must say!

    Ok, granpa. I will not disobey you in future. :P

  9. @leela
    Next time, if such a time does come, tell that TA that you know the tiny guy from E batch!

  10. @no one in particular
    Some people just love chatting here

  11. @whitelighter
    ..especially shady. ;)

  12. @leela: i know you have already stated an answer to this comment in your post itself but... get a life!
    and oh... srivats, i agree with u brudder...
    Disappointed..... very disappointed :(

  13. @Abhishek, Srivats
    Would have to disagree with the two of you. Nice to see her finally do something other than listen to the lecture.

    Unfortunately, you didn't have the guts to stick with it!

  14. tch..tch..a post sans my comment?

    finally, the girl who never parts with her book(remeber those ol'days when u refused to give your books to be taken to anyone else's home?)..finally parted with one h?