Whose tikka is it anyway?

There is a considerable amount of defiance in the air when a nineteen year old girl goes all by herself to a real family restaurant. Tifanys is, clearly, not counted. I called up my parents to let them know I had reached home (others call it IITM) safely. I made sure they realized how grown up I was. It felt good. I ordered something and decided to set my eyes on my television till the time my phone stopped bulbing. That's when I noticed them; the family. Well, I noticed the guy in the family first. Typical goody goody boy - I don't behave indecently - I don't eat nonveg - I smoke not - I drink not and so on. And then I saw the rest of the family; all glued to the television. "Wow! A Samsung plasma TV. I have never seen one before. Beta, dekh lo. You might not get this chance again." I did not technically hear this, but this is pretty much what they would've said, if they did talk that is. I decided then and there that I was going to sit back and watch the show. ( And I did not mean the one on TV, in case you are a total moron.)

A plate of mouth-watering paneer tikka arrived on the table. They kept worshipping the television. What an insult! It was the son who ventured to set his eyes upon the impudent foreign object that had dared to intrude into his life. The look of disgust on his eyes went well with the scorn on his face. A classic example of the 'look before you leap' category of people. Note that the others had not so much as looked in the direction of the solitary plate on their table.

Somewhere between then and now my order arrived and it felt luxurious to have something to munch as I was getting entertained. As far as the paneer tikka goes, the dad, the 'leap and then look' category, was the next in line. His hand shot and grabbed a piece of onion. Onion! Raw onion! Was the paneer part invisible or was I hallucinating?

Daddy then asks daughter to have a look. She, the 'don't look, don't leap' category, carried on her disturbing admiration for the particularly irritating comedian on the flat screen. Of course, mummy was not to be left out of all this action. She consults daddy, "Do you think it is eatable? Is it a part of the table deco.." only to be intruded by daughter, "Mummy, talk softly. I'm watching TV." That served as the cue to bring all those who were distracted by that lowly dish (or was it a table decoration?) back to what they did best. "All hail the Samsung Flat Screen."


  1. :)) A goody-goody boy. Probably the restaurant you went had nothing much to offer than a plasma tv! :P

    You're not grown up!

  2. It gave me a hearty lunch and ample entertainment. I have no cribs.

  3. @leela

    so you actually accept you are not grown up!

  4. I wanna eat at that restaurant. No waitm I wanna meet that family first.
    Where do you manage to find such people?

  5. Restaurant...Consider it done. Family... Well, let's keep our fingers crossed.

  6. He he. Funny description of the family. :D

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  8. First i thought lemme just comment..... but no this is a 19yr old grown ups blog.......
    For starters, i am curious to know whether its your family story...

    Secondly what category are you in...... is it " Never think ... leave alone the leap".....

  9. @leela
    >>Restaurant...Consider it done.

    You putting eh?


  10. @deepak
    Did you not read the part where I mention that I called up my parents??

    Good one but I'd say I fall in the "Look at others leap" :D

    :P Consider the address of the restaurant given.

  11. @abhishek
    PS: You might want to know that orkut formatting doesn't work here. There's something called HTML. Cheers.

  12. how mean! i don't need the address either now.(actually i do, i'm just disappointed with your reaction)

    I know about HTML and its formatting. I was sleepy. I think, at least to you, that would be a sufficient explanation

  13. What defiance! I am not going to tell you the address now. :P

    Oh goody! You know HTML! :P

    Reason aint satisfying enough.

  14. why are you cross with your own blog?
    referring to the new header

  15. It's between my blog and me. You have a problem with that?

  16. i myself cud never comprehend ppl's affection for anything in the world wen RGed with grub. Made an interesting read..but probably coz i've eaten this only thr, i kept thinkin of ccd :P.. and er.. if there's a trt anywhere..won't mind joining..got a glimpse of restaurant discussion on this page ;)

  17. hmm.. which restaurant waas this?? tifanys wid a plasma tv??? and kya family hai!! (kurkure style!!) anyway, nice variation of the look,leap combo.. and does tifanys offer paneer tikka? i dint kno dat!!!

  18. So, you looked at the family looking and leaping and not looking and leaping and looking and not leaping and not looking and not leaping. But what did You look at and leap into? Or did you go there purely for the entertainment that restaurant provided?

    And the defiance content in the air... very less! In fact, hardly any!

    And why was your television there in the restaurant? Were you trying to set that family up?

    Too many questions... Any answers?

  19. @Akila
    Thanks! It feels nice to know that people who consider grub highly do not form an empty set. Argh, Math courses.
    Whoever said anything about a treat??

    Where are your eyes, man? It is NOT Tifanys.
    No, they don't give Paneer tikka at Tifanys.

  20. @Whitelighteer
    Your P&C fundaes are strong, man! :P I went there to have lunch.
    About the defiance content, well, you should have seen me that day.
    How the hell is it my TV? I am not that despo too set up the family either. :P

  21. I've had enough with the suspence. The restaurant is Hot Chips.

  22. Thanks for the support, buddy.
    I knew you would stand up for me. Besides, @ and said had told me that I could count on you.

  23. well i was wondering wht was ur television doin in the restaurant :P

  24. then why was tifanys in the post at all??? im conpushed!!

  25. ..a nineteen year old girl goes all by herself to a real family restaurant. Tifanys is clearly not counted.
    The venue under consideration is a "real family restaurant." Tifanys is not counted as one, hence there is no big deal when she goes all by herself there which she does all the time.

  26. hmm..wonder why u dint attack the grub while they were all occupied wid d T.V,being d "hungry" lil monster dat u r...[:P]

  27. Well, they were, sadly two tables away.

  28. @Blogitto, Ergo Sum
    Why the makeover? putting pseud eh?

    keep your cool!
    just one thing that bugs me, WHAT was your television doing in the restaurant?

  29. @Abhishek
    Give it a break, will ya??
    Sheesh! To hell with the TV (that does NOT belong to me.)

  30. @Abhishek
    Yeah and it's about time too. Maybe you should try it too.

  31. ohoo...avideyum vayinootam thanneya alle pani...??
    hmm....gud one tho....

  32. @Neeths
    Lol. Njan, njan alley?!
    Thanks. :)