Aimed Kills

It’s the end of the world. A giant brainwash is set to take place. Since the intelligent ones have killed each other over property rights feuds, the responsibility fell upon the mediocre ones to perfect this weapon of mass deletion. Presenting Aimed Kills*, the world’s first brainwasher!

Now, what shall we erase? It’s too much of a cliché to erase memory completely but erasing just the cerebral regions would create a whole bunch of morons. How about erasing all memory of food? A consensus was reached and it was hailed as a phenomenal idea given that food is what sustains life as we know it. The brainwasher was programmed accordingly but, given the mediocrity associated at different levels, the final product was, what can I say, not quite perfect. You see, it left some leftovers, if you will, of what it set out to delete. To add to the confusion, the one food item that remained unscathed after the process was the sober Idli.

It almost seemed as though Idli had been crowned hero of the day and it was on a double-sided mission to set things right once and for all, albeit in an oddly selfish way. What were those crunchy finger shaped snacks called? I don’t remember; let’s make them out of Idlis! And thus, Idli Finger Chips was formed. What was that saucy thing you had at a Chinese restaurant long back? Never mind; let’s make them out of Idlis. Voila! Idli Manchurian! Wasn’t Biriyani the most elaborate and spicy of them all? Who cares! Let’s make them out of Idlis. And there you have Idli Biriyani. If you don’t mind, kindly extrapolate the aforementioned line of thought to Rasam idli, Idli Gulab Jamun, Idli Ussili and Idli Curd Rice. Thank you.

Did you think that was a lame figment of a writer’s imagination? SK Mess Saturday dinner as on 24th October was exactly that.

*Aimed Kills is an anagram of SK Idli Mela.


  1. lol lol.. I knda liked the fingerchips :P

  2. What! SK is conducting Melas in your mess there? It has given up on such things here in Himalaya since over a year!

  3. @sm
    And I kinda liked the manchurian.

    Is that jealousy or sarcasm?

  4. btw, is idly ur breakfast of the day? :P

  5. Neither. Just an observation-cum-fact! :)

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  7. What was that plucky who weighed 30 sthg called?...never mind we'll call her idli lilly ;P

  8. Please pass this message to my wingmates who wonder why I choose to go to Ganga mess instead of SK.

    Thank you.

    That'll be all.

    Viva Idlia!

  9. @Rakesh,

    What are you talking about?

    I won't. I prefer SK, mela or no mela.