10 Reasons

And one for the marriage season. Here are 10 reasons why to.

10. The partying
9. Meet everyone you know in a single day
8. Get tons of likes on everything you put up on Facebook
7. Enough photos to last a lifetime
6. License to shop. A lot
5. Easiest two week holiday to get off from work
4. Sweets, sweets, sweets
3. The shiny new diamond ring
2. Easiest way to get an iPad for a present
1. You can play bad cricket afterwards and nobody will really bother


  1. A two week holiday can be well spent in seeing new places rather than attending marriages .

  2. Abhinav,
    Think you got the wrong idea - I was not talking about attending one. :P Which by the way scores on very few of these.

  3. Lee, You got married? All for an iPad!

  4. you seem to be taking lots of pains to prove a point..which urges me to ask..who's the guy and when's the date ;)

  5. Shruti, the inferences you derive!
    Neethu, oh no. Today?

  6. 23 year olds writing about the benefits of marriage. I'm scared now. Aren't you supposed to want this only after you cross the 25 barrier?

  7. Except for Nos. 5 and 4, these reasons only make me recoil in horror.

    I want to get married, but I don't want a wedding day.