Mine and Mine Only..

Let me introduce you to somebody. Somebody whose elegance is beyond par, whose very sight brings a smile to my face and whose embrace is positively electrifying. There’s something in that look that keeps me engrossed in every class, something in that touch that makes it irresistable. Bryan Adams must have composed this just for me! :)

“Sometimes I think that I’ve not been looking good,
But there’s only one thing that fits like it should.
The only thing I want,
The only thing I need,
The only thing I choose,
The only thing that looks good on me…
Is you.”

Ah! The sleek build, the sharpness, the metallic shine; all rolled into one attractive package. The stainless steel back and base metal bezel, definitely male! The way I fell for him the minute I saw him, the way his charming hands shine, the way I pleaded with my parents to let me keep him, the way I try to see the reflection of my face in his, the way I feel that his presence amplifies the beauty of my hand, the way this blog post is scribbled in phrases rather than full sentences; undoubtedly a new addition to my crush list! That’s right – a new addition; my brand new Q&Q Quartz water-resist wrist watch. ;)


  1. er....sory i read the last line befor i read the whole thing...he..he..
    who exactly are u talking about ???how come i ve ever seen him....and u sure u actually go otu with him alwasy??i doubt...u never used to do so...:D

  2. Ob you would do somethin lik tht, Plucky! that u are.. i dont wear it wen im at home[duh!] and i dd wear once in your presence.. guess you dint notice.. besides.. thsi post has been cookin fr 2 mnths..

  3. for one sec i thought u were outta ur head! good going girl... keep giving 440 volt shocks :P

  4. and i thought u had got rid of th obsession for ur watch long back .. common give up da .... m sure u have btr things to brag abt.... like lovely frds lik me ;)

  5. only 440V? hmm.. wil get better dont worry! [:D]
    and lik i sed.. this post is abt 2 mnths late.

  6. lol, not bad...you almost had me, i guess its d metallic shine that gave d hint...and lol to the whole post again, well written, u seem to be now well into the bored-outta-hell phase...hehehe...ciaos, gRiNcH

  7. Brilliant indeed if one didn't read the last line first.
    Nice way to go about the description.I was like "who is this guy?!?!?". once you mentioned class i was completely startled.but then the 'metallic shine'. now who could have that on the back?
    in whole real good. Keep it up!

  8. thank god you did this before you broke the watch... and i was the procrastinator

  9. wow..ure seriously gud at giving shocks rey!! really well written and deceptive.. well almost... xept d part abt d steel bac.. LOL
    well done nevertheless..

  10. wats plucky btw??

  11. @anon1
    Thanks man.. knew you would lik th part abt th cls! [:D]

  12. @anon2
    Thanks man.. yeah lol to th steel bac! could b some xmen funda perhaps?!

    hmm tough ques.. tis lik this word.. dont search on google.. th meaning we use is of a really irritating person who drives u up th wall..

  13. hmm.. wat shud i say! smilees got a boyfriend!! lolz... :P

  14. dat apart, shunt it be mine and mine only... i spose this sounds much better! wat say? no arguments.. jus gen thot..