Bang! again

The title won’t make any sense to you unless you have read Bang! Now that you have read that, gear up for this.

16/06/07 12:00 hrs
It seemed like just another usual day. I was busy living my boring and monotonous life while the Earth revolved around the sun, spinning happily. Everything was fine. I was checking scraps and other such crap…

I take a detour from the original topic to bore you with something I learnt in my Biology textbook but never believed. We possess quite a few reflex actions most of which are vital to our survival but there’s this one reflex action that is just plain weird - The Patellar Reflex. In simple words, if you give a light tap on a particular point on the knee, your leg involuntarily kicks. Is that weird or what? What the hell is the use? Some kind of self defense? I just think it is highly improbable. Do let me know if any of you have experienced this first hand.

As I was telling, it was just another day. I was listening to songs on Real Player. Just then, I clicked on Eject instead of Play and Bang! The CD platform pushed itself out of the CPU and smashed into my knee. Damn those computer-table manufacturers! Thanks to the countless racks they designed on the table, my leg had no room to kick and ended up colliding with the bottommost rack. Ouch!

The pain dominated the enlightenment. The swelling didn’t make things any better. Swellings always freak me out and this was no exception. I was in too much pain to realize what had happened. The reflex action I was just telling you about; it really does happen and it happened to me.


  1. nice style of writing.

    hope your leg hurts for some more days so that it keeps you busy and you don't get on others nerves. :P

    patellar reflex is useful after all.

  2. chinky..knom wat???it even happend to me,....not acidently....
    doctor wanted to chek wethr i had migrane...and he chekd all am reflexes...1 of them was this p....watever-it-is-reflex..
    and guess what..all was perfectly intact....
    ayyo..there comes chinky to my coming....w8

  3. @anon
    whos th smart anon fella???thanks anyway :P

  4. i beg to ask the secret of the survival of a negligible mass such as you under these circumstances... have to say i'm shocked at you frequency... you cud someday get better than meat this!

  5. totally agree wid anon 1..
    but i also know 4 a fact dat petty things like muscle aches dont kip u frm ure duty(i.e 2 bug d living hell out f anyone unfortunate enuf 2 find u in a paining mood)
    u do seem 2 like hurting ureself tho..
    dont blame it on d patellar thingy..ure jus a natural at paining(urself and uders 2)

  6. duh...!!!

    and hey..
    you've been tagged
    ... c'mon play along...