Let’s get Addicted!

It’s finally here. My first addiction! It’s the sole reason why I have breakfast, why I wait for tea-time every single day and why I don’t mind drinking milk. Ah! Just one spoonful of this heavenly powder and milk, the liquid I totally despise, turns into a divine drink. The colour, the smell, the taste… it’s a feast for the senses I tell you. It really is.

It was my good friend, Coke, who suggested this heavenly drink to me, being an addict herself. She is addicted to the vanilla flavour and gave me a sip of it one fine evening. I was on the verge of puking! Ah! An analogue to a smoker’s first puff. I would never have got addicted had I left it at that first sip. Fortunately, I ventured to try out another flavour, namely chocolate and the rest, as they say, is history.

She did warn that this drink might get the drinker addicted but who cares for silly little warnings when trying something out for the first time? It felt nice in the beginning. Protinex buddies! Or should I say Protinex addicts! I used to take one cup a day after breakfast or in the evening instead of my usual tea. Then, it became nicer; two cups a day. Later it became my breakfast. Just one big cup of Protinex chocolate. A happy meal! I’m luvin it! Thanks (?) to the fact that I was eating at a mess where milk was served only twice a day, the daily intake was restricted to two cups.

One fine evening, another good friend, CL, gave me a tempting offer-a perfectly made cup of Boost. I used to like Boost very much so I decided to give it a try. The dark brown colour and the aroma were too good to say no to. Besides, my Protinex was finishing fast and I wanted to save it for the desperate times a.k.a end-sems. I took one sip and it felt tasteless. Entirely tasteless. My reaction was surprising to me too. How can a chocolate-crazy person feel a cup of Boost as tasteless? Something was wrong somewhere. I felt that nothing could make a drink as tasty as Protinex did. That is when the seriousness of the addiction struck me. It convinces you that every other drink is insipid, tasteless, archaic, obsolete and only one drink exists that is worth drinking…Protinex Chocolate! and I stand by this fact.

Every addiction comes with the ultimate aim of taking over the world. Mine is no different. It makes full use of its victim; from preaching about its splendour to offering a free sip. A pity I haven’t been able to serve my master in a reasonable, leave alone remarkable, manner for every time I preach about this heavenly drink, I end up convincing nobody. Not a single soul. To make things worse, all I get back from my audience are disgusted expressions and appalling remarks. I quote a few instances.

“Protinex? Yuck!” – Mind your language! Insulting I say!

“Oh! that drink; it’s ok ok types” – Ok ok types? Oh! Come on…

“Ahem! ” – I wish she would’ve stopped with that Ahem.

“Tastes like sugarless Milo with a tinge of bitterness.” – Sigh! Maybe because it was her first puff!

“Eww! That was terrible. So bitter! I need some water to clean my mouth” - speechless

The comments are never-ending and it all leads to the same conclusion; Proinex == Yuck. What can be worse than that?

"Smells Boostish. Tastes real nice ya." - Finally! some ray of hope but you know what? I am not so convinced about the genuineness of this comment because this was from a guy and guys say many things.

"Nice" followed by a dorky smile. - Well, that was "nice" to hear until he said that he likes yeast on toast too.

Inexplicably grotesque expression. - What more shall I say?

Now that, my good friend, is a serious addiction but guess what… I have no plans of snapping out of it.


  1. ah never knew abt dis latest addiction...
    never herd f dis protinex b4..
    wat is it?

  2. never?? and u call yourself my friend?? sigh! It is the best drink ever. Remind me to give you a free sip of it next time.

  3. ya sure free grub is always welcome..
    not my fault u never mentiond b4..[:P]
    since wen hav u bin addicted 2 dis?

  4. @ziauddin
    Since 2nd sem. :) Sweet second sem!

  5. i think u r the only one who sez protinex== yuck and not protinex= yuck(refer C syntax... rkk rules! btw he's takin id110 this sem... lol!)

  6. @abhishek
    I put S in CS110
    wat did u put?

  7. One more to the list

    Yuck Protinex!!! Tastes like SAWDUST.

  8. @aditya
    :| Just when i thought it couldn't get worse!

  9. @shady
    They do say many things. Some, they mean, some they don't. :)

  10. @leela

    now, now... i wouldn't be that sure, if I were u. after all, you can't see inside the guy's mind, can u?

    Possibly, the ones you think they don't mean are those that they are too afraid to admit.

    (no hidden meaning :D)

    oh wait! i'm a guy. so do i mean what i just said? ;)

  11. point! but i was just generalizing and i know that that ain't the truth..
    do you, or do you not? that is the question..

  12. @leela

    Good question! I'm tempted to answer, but anything more and I would be reprehensible for double-crossing ;) Some secrets are better kept as they are.

    About the room - Thanks! Is it an illusion? Well... you think guys say many things. So, why delude you? I say, you'd rather come and find out ;P

  13. The other day, my 8 year old sis was telling me excitedly that she loves protinex. I notice, this post is no different from the animated buzz that I heard that day. So, there you go, you got a little girl to support you and your protinex ;) How true, what they say...

    You drew a lot of analogies relating addiction to smoking and drinking. Well-informed, eh? Believe me, most of the smokers don't experience that during their first puff. It is just a figment of imagination accrued from deep-seated beliefs. For some, it is a pleasant euphoric effect that captures the mind and the body.

  14. @shady
    I agree.
    Seeing is believing.

    Yay! I've got more company! Which flavour, btw?

    Well, I have not had my first puff, yet, hence the analogies are the good old clichéd ones only. 'Pleasant euphoric effect' eh?

  15. all I know is, it's called Protinex original

    yeah, the effect is something along those lines... why? got curious, huh? Do I see 'let's get addicted -2' coming in the near future? ;)

  16. @shady
    Yeah! that's the one that I drink. I must admit that I am slaisha curious. but then again, curiosity killed the cat.

  17. @abhishek
    Ich bin bulbing. :|

  18. @leela:
    ur tag was on sux... so sux has completed its duty as well... chk it out if you want!
    abt the foot...depends if it comes with a puff... its a deal!

  19. @abhishek
    Ich bin auch bulbing. :)

  20. i noe wt u want me to say ;)
    but i guess i'l take a puff of anything if u r ready to take it with me... eheheh

  21. @abhishek
    What's on the puff menu?

  22. @leela

    without curiosity, you wouldn't be human. ;)

    @leela, abhishek

    you guys seem to be really interested.
    puff menu- 4 packs of marlboro, 3 packs of davidoff, 2 of bensons and...


    that's delicious!
    Cheers! my treat! ready for it?

  23. @shady... sure... n i'l treat u back with wt i had eventually planned...
    veg puff, paneer puff... and if u are nv then egg nd chicken puff too... wt say?

  24. @abhishek
    sure... let's meet!
    I live a mile away from you. What else do you want to satisfy your curiosity?
    I don't see your reply here - you agreeing with abhishek, then?
    if you are, then keep ur medical insurance id ready, just in case... ;)

  25. just out of curiosity(especially after i heard marlboro and bensons)... who's payin for this? :D

  26. @abhishek

    pretty smart :P in my defense,the deal- I invited both of you, so, as long as both of you take equal no., I'll pay. If that's not the case, I really welcome contributions :D (I know the ability of iit boys ;) )

  27. fyi

    afaik, davidoff is costlier of all


  28. I say Abhishek is good! and I like being silent spectator. Go ahead. I would like to passingly mention that I am a chocaholic. :)

    All those brand names sound gibberish to me!

    I asked you who you were and not where you were.

  29. @leela

    where I am happens to be a small part of who I am.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. I'm from iitm. I'm a sophomore. I'm in ED. I'm in alak. I'm Krishna. I'm Shady.

  32. 'from' iitm? justify the choice of preposition.
    Excessive use of first person..defiance ay?

  33. @leela
    I put 87% in the freshman english exam. What did you put? :P

  34. hmph!! u girls!! always gettin onto wat guys have to say and otherwise, mean.. why cant guys mean wat they say? ask the guy who commented on ur "dope" to check up on it! and you there!! yes, you lady!! snap out of it!!

    Only fools rush in!!
    ok! i dunno why that came in! but nyeah.. watever! lolzz.. :P formalities completed!!

  35. @kaushik
    That is probably the vaguest comment on my blog yet! The guy who commented on dope" better not be jus sayin things.. :| Snap out of the addiction?? Never!!
    Kno wat? next time on, I'll imagine that u have completed all formalities. Fine?

  36. are you guys gnna fight?
    my bte's on leela... you go girl!

  37. @abhishek
    I shall go to any extent to defend my master.
    Thanks! :)

  38. RE:

    More or less means 'to some extent or imprecise'

    and here it's because we are in the same year but not in the same dept.

  39. @leela: life's going faster... obey your master!

  40. @abhishek

    >>life's going faster... obey your master!

    you do make up arbit quotes, don't you?

  41. @abhishek
    Don't put pressure. :|

    I suffer from selective amnesia esp when it comes to a comment chat. :|

  42. @leela
    that's a good way to say what you want to say :|

  43. @shady
    like what did i want to say? :|

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. @leela: i know u... can't work under pressure... heh!

    @shady: this is a line from the metallica song 'master of puppets'

    @@: u r really great at removing doubts like who's talking to whom... sadly your purpose of creation lags behind when it comes to your usage... we love you '@' muuaah :)

  46. @abhishek
    I dont like it when people think they have me all figured out. :|

    one piece of advice.. when talkin to abhishek, anythin and everything u dont understand is some song by some band. :|

    me too!! :*

  47. ..and we crossed half a century!
    Thanks ppl!! :D

  48. @abhishek
    you got it wrong. It's-
    "your life burns faster, obey your master"
    and that's exactly why your quote is arbit.

  49. @leela
    >>like what did i want to say? :|

    You know that. Do you really want me to have you 'all figured out'?

  50. @leela: lol! you would ask why... even i don't know why... but lol!

    @shady: thanks for the correction... my minilyrics hasn't been working for half an year now nut i'm too lazy to check out what the problem is

    @@: i guess you are the better one out of the three to talk to... so how's life?

  51. @abhishek
    You done with lol? :|


  52. @abhishek
    I am doing fine. Glad you asked. :D How's your life?

  53. @leela: i'm in the middle of a conversation!

    @@: mine's better than yours i believe... don't you get annoyed with people not giving you the credit for your hard work?

  54. @abhishek
    Carry on your conversation with @ in your own blog. Can't you see Shady and Smilee are fighting here?

    Now, what's that supposed to mean?

  55. Boy!!! You surely know how to keep a conversation goin... 59 comments :O
    Gr8 going!!!

  56. @abhishek
    Yeah! What would you incessant comment putters do without me?? I rule!!

    Buzz off! Let me continue bonding with Abhishek.

  57. @abhishek
    Conversation is about lol arbitly, kya?

    Since when did u get the power to decide what happens in my blog??
    Amnesia Attack Were we fighting?

    Yeah! :)

  58. @@
    bonding huh? are you ____?
    (Censored stuff - ask abhi if you are bulbing)

    We weren't fighting. Actually, you promised to treat me over this weekend. You are an amnesiac, but I know how to remind you ;)

  59. @shady: why dont you try stopping me?

    @aditya: your contribution counts too! thanks :)

    @leela: conversation with '@'... thanks for the support!

    @@: no need to be so haughty here... even Said is as important to us.

    @Said: aren't you as important? show this @ guy what you are made up of!

  60. @abhishek
    I realized there is no point whatsoever in suggesting logic to you.

  61. @shady
    Really? What for? :|
    One more added to the list of people who think they have me all figured out. Hmff

    It took you this long to realize that??

    Keep conversing. Rock on, dude!

    You are rude!
    Nobody gets to buzz off people/inanimate "bonders" who comment on my blog, except me. Buzz off!

  62. @leela
    I don't remember either. Possibly, amnesia is contagious :P

  63. @shady: logic! when did u learn logic?

    @all: i might as well talk to my own self

    @abhishek: how are you? wait i'm supposed to know how you are right?

  64. @abhishek: as you must be well aware, i am fine... what should we talk about... i have no idea! oh! then even you wont have an idea... hmm...

    @all: do u have something that i could with myself on?

  65. @leela: btw... now i'm deserving enuf for this... check out rox and u'll know!

  66. @shady
    Wow! Mission accomplished. Amnesia rules!

    You are nuts! :O

  67. @abhishek
    I am not talking to you anymore.

    You are shady


  68. @abhishek
    God bless you for remembering the less significant ones among us.

    Lets not bicker about this. These people want us to argue on who is more important.

  69. @abhishek
    Give up only..both (or more?) of u. :|

  70. hi
    its been a while.... ;-)
    Well, i've heard of protinex, mayb but thats all. nice to see u update ur blog so oftn..... unlike me.....
    But hey! we guys are not all that untrustworthy......

  71. @abhishek
    Jus' one. ;)

    Welcome back! You have got to taste Protinex; just having heard of the name won't do. :|
    I know. :)

  72. what has happened to the issue of Protinex??

  73. garnered enuff supporters to bring abt a Protinex revolution??

  74. @leela
    you don't make sense :P

  75. @anon
    Naah.. not enough people in the army, yet.

    You just don't get it do, you??

  76. wanna recruit me into ur army??

  77. @anon
    Who is this?? And I don't want blind supporters.

  78. i won't be a blind supporter... what i'm proposing is that you meet me treat me to cuppa Protinex... and if i like it i support you...
    hws da deal??

    and regarding who i am... well, u already knw the answer to tht question!

  79. @anon
    I don't know you. I don't want anon supporters.

  80. @leela

    That's beside the point.
    Answer me!

  81. @leela
    Thanks for giving me your opinion.
    Btw, do you want some flowers? ;)

  82. I'm Leela. What more do you want to know? :|
    Anytime.. Sure, I'd love some flowers.

  83. @leela
    Hm.. let me think. What more do I want to know? Like your height? ;)

    The invisible guy sits right next to you with an invisible camera. Be careful ;P

    Just because you are like half my size doesn't mean you can call me granpa :P

  84. @shady
    5ft 2'. :|

    :O Thanks for the word of caution.

  85. @leela

    Too much enthu for German! You go way too early to the class, huh?

  86. Ja, ich wante ein gut seat in klasse. Du habe problem with das?

  87. @leela
    GIVE UP!

    Don't kill German! Do yourself a favour and look up the words in the dictionary if you don't know.

    probelm = aufgabe
    with = mit
    seat = sitz

    There is no word called "wante" either in English or German. It's "haben" not "habe"

    Improper usage. German grammar is way differnt from English.

    Du bist nicht der einzige erlernendeutsche

    Finally- I'm really glad I'm not in your reach when you are reading this!

    If you are so angry that you want to kill me-

    1.You can reach me at 363, Alak.

    2.Or, if you are too shy to come to a boys' hostel, you can reach me at #9884691931 to call me anywhere.

    If you are laughing too, I'm glad to have got a friend.

    If you are still angry, don't worry, it just takes time. ;)

    ...bit jobless after a lot of work!

  88. Its what I like to call Germglish. :|
    Too bad you don't appreciate it.

    FYI: habe, hast, hat, haben; all exist and German grammar rocks.
    PS: I shouldve used hast in my line. Typing mistake.

    Ich lerne German; du übersetzet german.

    Does smiling count??

  89. 100th comment had to be urs ob
    101st... mine!
    i said i wont comment.. but jst here to say stp it u guys... use gtalk... or a chat room... anyways leela congrats... and dun make me get into frenglish
    est il ok?

  90. @leela
    If you didn't translate, how did you type übersetzet ?

    I'm learning German. You are so bad at guessing and you chose a course in Probability! Nice try


    We are having fun! Go away!

  91. @abhishek
    Thanks man! Couldn't have done it without ya!
    Frenglish ay? worth a try. :)

    I translated just that word in order to get the umlaut unlike you who translates entire sentences. You learning German?? Second hand I believe. :P
    You seem to have found quite a bit about me. :|


    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Nobody gets to say "Buzz off" to anybody commenting on my blog except me.
    'Tis the agree-with-Abhishek season. So I agree with him. ;)

  92. @leela
    Yes. You are very unlike me.

  93. @shady: i'm back, now that you've asked me to GO AWAY! :O
    @leela: il est quite un fun doing ce to vous mes amis!
    i see someone trying to work her(oops! i said her!) ways with me... what favour do u want from me leela? or is it agreeing for the sake of it... hmm(yet again!)

  94. @abhishek
    il sûr est.
    No favours. Chill. :)
    Hmm.. :P

  95. This comment has been removed by the author.

  96. @leela:Le translator n'est pas le best thing pour this kind of un conversation.
    anyways it wont have helped... finally we click at something... 'like' wow!

  97. Le translator est suffira. :P
    'like' at what? :|

  98. @leela: mais je ne conviens pas avec ton observation :|

    'like' at agreeing on something

  99. pourquoi?
    PS: I knew this one. :P
    'like' click. :D

  100. Whoa, so many comments!!! This thread seems to have gone through a lot of topics...

  101. like thanks man! I had no idea. :|

  102. or maybe just happy...
    right now am into loser... chk it out...
    Loser by Beck
    its on my blog also on the 'my music'
    infact i'm listening to it rite now!

  103. ps: so this is why u stopped orkuting(to the bulbs out there...i mean this thread)

  104. @john cena
    er.. how does that taste?

  105. u tell me....i was merely suggesting it as an alternative to mess milk

  106. u c i am not addicted to protinex(???)....:P

  107. Tif is there na.
    Why the ???

  108. Try mixing classic Protinex with Black coffee...

  109. well...u din't mention tiff in ur blog
    ...and glad to c u r bulbing for a change

  110. btw.....wht is this 'protinex'???

  111. Go google. Live up to your name; Shtud Googler.

  112. @all the fighting members
    Seems to me that osho was completely right wen he said " self ignorance is the biggest evil that human beings face "

  113. @happyfeet: exactly my point... wait, what was that again?

  114. I have got to meet this Self Ignorance! :P

  115. @leela
    U need not find it anywhere u r already engrossed in it
    seems atleast a few intelligent people are involved in bloggimg

  116. @happyfeet: gee, thanks!(considering the compliment was for me... oh! wait, i'm supposed to be intelligent {backspace}{backspace}...{backspace})

  117. @leela
    seems junta wasnt aware of their own self :P
    its upon u how u take it

  118. @happyfeet
    getting too senti nd philo. seems the feet r ur only happy part!!
    u can take it ne way u wnt!
    p.s. - i always keep multiple meanings in my statements!!

  119. Whoa! First time I've seen a blog by someone I know irl with 135 comments... good going.

  120. punnose....go play fifa da....
    this is way below ur standard

  121. @nikhil
    Thanks (?)


  122. @johncena

    Really? Well, glad to know atleast someone has such a high opinion of my standard.

    what does the question mark mean?

  123. @punnoose

    well....tht is one way of putting it


    i am perfectly silent

  124. @whitelighter
    seems that whatever junta dont understand , they attribute it to the person being philo and senti...another severe case of ignorance