Devil Strikes Again!

And you thought I was out of the picture! Another feather in my cap and a highly treasured one at that. The Play under the Umbrella. evil laugh!


  1. My sweetheart is a devil. Eh, kya kismat hai!

  2. totally agree devil max...
    all of devils frens can say d same..
    kya kismat hai!
    if it makes u feel any better,ure not d first or onli victim of her practical jokes..
    ive bin on d recieving end for more dan my share of pranks...[:P]
    luckily i had d pleasure of paying her back once,nd i hope and believe dat shes not going 2 forget dat in a hurry...[:D]

  3. @amrit
    My charmer is charming arbit people. Eh, kya kismat hai!

    Finally decided to get rid of anon mask eh? You dont worry, darling. You will always be my favourite target.
    The evil actions of one devil to another are never forgotten.

  4. yup anonymity dus giv unparalleled freedom but u were cribbin so gt rid of d mask...
    ah,thanks for confirming my worst fears sweetie,atleast i kno wat im up against now...

  5. Good Heavens! er Bad Hell! thou obeys me! You have no idea what you are up against. :P