That 3:11 thingy

This is where I was at 3:11 pm on 03/11/07. Thanks to Amrit bhaiya for the information. I know the write up cannot get any more cliched. I thought just the picture would be sufficient but the 50 word description was too tempting to ignore. Besides it seemed like those limited-word English precis writing assignments back in school. Anyway, here's the link to more of what fellow-Chennaiites were upto.
PS: Maybe I should have put up a post informing you people about this but let's just interpret my laziness as my first attempt at RGing.
The picture was taken inside IIT Madras campus. The campus is built inside a lush green forest. The trees symbolize Nature and the scooters symbolize human intervention into Nature. The picture, thus, stands testimony to the fact that even in a busy metro city, Nature can exist in perfect harmony with man.


  1. "Amrit Bhaiya" deserves a hyperlink, doesn't he? :P

  2. More publicity?? His Vatsap shirts are more than enough, don't you think?
    PS: Blogethics or what you will; the link is up.

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  4. Why didn't you inform me about this??
    I might have sat on that scooter... To symbolize humans intervening in other humans' business!

  5. hmm..
    your blogs keep getting weirder...
    so jobless kya??

  6. a pic of the blue and some philosophical stuff about how minute we are in front of the universe wud have been a better idea, but after ID120, nature thing seems cool too

  7. @whitelighter
    I'll keep that in mind.

    Thanks for the analysis, again.

    Aced ID120 eh? Even big hefty polysyllable words seem cool, don't they?

  8. sorry for typing mistake.. i missed 'sky' after 'blue'
    guess the big hefty polysyllable words can really kick the small ones out of my statements, i better get normal soon :|

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  10. I love your posts.... Please put fundaes Lee