One year old

It has been a full one year since I started blogging. It has truly been a wonderful experience. The new header has been designed especially for the occasion. Blogitto, Ergo Sum is officially one year old. Yay!

I am glad that every month has had its share of blogposts, just one post in some while four in a few others. My blog has come a long way since it was born. It reflects how my life was at different points of time. From academics and classes, the focus shifts to sports to getting bored like every other person during the three month vacation. Who can forget that phase of my life when I used to Bang!, Bang! again and Bang! not again! away to glory with no rhyme or reason? Hell, a Bang! Counter was created thanks to Aditya! I was rumoured to have a crush on my then brand new watch which, by the way, I still admire though it has lost a reasonable amount of the erstwhile captivating lustre. There was a marathon I don't remember much about. The world around me came to know how very angelic I could be on the day I had a blast of a birthday. Notice the infinite sarcasm in the previous line.

I got tagged. I revealed eight random facts about myself. That's right! Eight random facts! I realized that it was time to revisit kindergarten and see if I still remember The English Alphabet. Guess what? I remembered all twenty six of them. And then it was time. It was time to step into the Devil's shoes. The Devil struck again in an episode that is quoted till date for the pure evil that it was. My first addiction arrived grandly but I must say it has decreased with time. I got caught in class for not paying attention for the very first time. I tried my hand at open ended fiction having had a disturbing dream about an underworld don. I took part in that 3:11 thingy. Watch out for it next time if you missed it. I bid adieu to a very happening year in a very unique way and New Years' Day brought along with it a few drastic changes in my life.

A typical day in my life is reflected in this post. I was absolutely thrilled to have designed my own header and even more thrilled to get compliments for the same. I learnt the weird way that vague senseless stuff like this will be analysed and distorted in every possible way. There was a time when there was a rainbow within me. Now, just the sun remains. It shines with all its glory. I admit that I can be passionate about very unusual things. I loved this song so much that I googled enough on the Greek mythology behind it to write an IEEE paper.

My blog has come a long way and so have I. As far as the future goes. You will just have to stick around and find out. :D


  1. Good going. And I second Amrit :)

  2. Heh, good blogging, rather. :D

  3. Nice one
    and cool header :)

  4. @Taz
    Gee! Thanks! :D

  5. Yippeee....Keep blogging :D

    Btw, Prune the header a bit... Will suit perfect :)

  6. @Aditya
    Done. Thanks! :D

    Get its the lost. :|

  7. its been an year already?? doesnt seem like that... there were so few posts... are you absolutely sure you got the date right??

  8. Yeah.
    Quality versus quantity. :D
    Yeah. You can confirm it for yourself.

  9. wow...really cool header..
    happy b'day blog!! :)
    and kudos to its creator...
    keep bloggin and rockin!!

  10. @Ziauddin
    Thanks! I am a whole one year old! Gee! Gee!

  11. Happy blogday... keep blogging...


  12. ok...i am late. but happy birthday neverthelesss...u summed it up lik those sitcoms n soaps do...abt all their past episodes...and i didnt give in to da temptation by clicking on those numerous links to older posts which u provided within da article...
    belated happy bday once again...hope this thing lives as long as u do eh?
    treat! treat! treat! :D

  13. yeay....nice way to sum it up.....hmm happy belated bday....calls for another treat...yeay!!!

  14. @Satya
    Thanks! I will. It keeps me alive.

    Heh! Slai mockery, slai sarcasm.
    Treat! Sure!