Gone are the days I used to wake up cheerfully to bright summer
Gone are the days I donned a genuine smile on my face, instead of
this fake one that I have oh so beautifully mastered.
Gone are the days I used to wonder what is it that makes this world
so perfect.
Gone are the days I used to get marks above average in class.
Gone are the days I used to listen in each and every class.
Gone are the days I felt good about caring for someone.
Gone are the days I looked at a thing of beauty and admired it.
Gone are the days I wrote down every conversation I had with people I considered special.
Gone are the days I used to feel special.
Gone are the days I used to feel visible.
Gone are the days I thought I was lucky.
Gone are the days I had firm, unshakable principles of living.
Gone are the days I went to sleep with a calming feeling of satisfaction.


  1. Gone are the days when I used to be myself.
    You're beginning to think like me.
    I have competition, is it?

  2. Beautiful! That one line makes the point amply clear.
    Ah, you are excellent in your own way. Who can reach there?
    Yeah, baby! You've got competition!

  3. Doesn't this happen to *all* after entering IIT? That makes it a lot of competition :)

  4. well..true there's lots of competition but amidst that crowd there are peole like me who simply say :"Gone are the days I used to contemplate about stuff like this" Ouch...reality bites,very hard.

  5. @Prasanna
    I can't really say I'm glad it happens to all but yeah, lots of competition! Heh.

    Atta girl! Just let them go.

  6. Even though this happens, I feel junta would look down upon their years at IIT as some of the best years of their lives.

    Ironic? Well, lets see what happens to us :D

  7. @Prasanna
    I'm sure I'd look back at insti life in the same way.

  8. wow..aptly summed up a transformation dat all of us undergo at some point in life and perhaps for the best[:)]
    pity about the smile though...

  9. Well, talking about bright summer mornings in spring, you are bound to feel all this stuff!

  10. If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies. :)

  11. @Ziauddin
    Heh. Wonder what's the for-the-best part in this.
    Ah! The smile.. you know you can bring it back anyday. ;)

    Heh. Chuck the bright summer morning and the feeling still holds.

    If nothing ever stayed constant, we would choose one over all the various forms. :)

  12. Gone are the days, I used to like your blogs .........

    Jus Kidding ......... :P
    Nice .....

  13. gone are the days when u posted something good on this blog.... :P

    Nice one

  14. hey ..chinky nice one....guess wat..??me too scribbled a poem recently....lol...but cant publish it tho...:P hmm....gud to c u here after lyk 2 whole months...keep blogging...

  15. @Deepak, Taz
    Thanks for pitching in with not-so-ishtud lines. :P

    Why can't you publish it? Send it to me, atleast na. Good to see you too.

  16. I thought gone are the days you have time to mope around ?

  17. Hmmm.. nice poem.. but cmon ..as ppl hav commented before me, i guess this competiton, (sometimes) this cupping is wat makes life complete..:P

  18. @Akila
    Incompleteness steers you forward. What's there after completeness?

  19. @Jinesh
    Yeah, it's first page stuff.