We all know ants, right? Yes, those tiny creatures that cannot possibly do any harm to any fellow living being. Think again keeping in mind a situation where they become regular visitors to your laptop keyboard. If that doesn’t impress you too much, how about ants living in your keyboard? Note the use of the preposition ‘in’.

Welcome to my world.

It feels very awkward at first but then, you get used it with time. Of course I am no Buddhist towards these gypsy-ants. Clearly, I exhibit no qualms about squishing or flinging them away whenever I get the chance.

Tip: repetitive pressing of keys is known to flush them out and has to be followed by quick reflexes.

You can even hear them marching if you keep your ears close to the keyboard. Well, there was hearing the march-past, key pressing and hurling them into the air and this process went on. The era of the ant-infested-keyboard lasted a few days only to be followed by the ant-infested-cell phone era which lasted only a few hours probably due to the inaccessibility of enclosed spaces.

Now, after all these days, the ant-infested-insert appropriate word era is back and this time it’s my office desk. Meh!

PS: I'm leaving tomorrow morning for a much-needed vacation.


  1. a low power vacuum cleaner would have done the necessary no?? ;)

  2. @Kaushik
    Do you have one? :P

  3. ur fridge is ant-proof na? that's all that i need...:P

  4. @toapn
    Hey, She has a fridge!! Does she eat?! Eat... like everyday?? :D :))

  5. :D join the club, in my home, ants are given free boarding and lodging.I was planning on raising an ant-eater as my pet :) but due to lack of space i had to do the hunting :P

    Thanks for the tip :D i shall try that out.

    And enjoy ur vacation :)

  6. Nice to find there r others 'bugged' by ants :)... i found out the ant problem when i got scores of bites frm them while sleeping (sleeps usually with my lappy on my bed..in the morning i cudnt find the reason....and soon found tiny creatures crawling out...

    armed with a vaccum cleaner first blew air on the keypads hurling many of them away onto my bed :( and the rest was sucked away into obscurity :D

  7. I know how that feels.. the ants chewed out stuff beneath the enter key and that key was lowered in level and my typing process was highly messed up.

    Yes, those tiny creatures that cannot possibly do any harm to any fellow living being.

    The sarcasm is great :)

  8. laptop keys are extremely easy to remove and put back in. so remove those keys and vacuum all the ants out. no need for a low power one either. just vacuum from a little distance.
    Btw, i do have a low power one. it is so low-powered that it can't do much i think!

  9. @toapn
    I have a sweet tooth gi'ant' enough to cause damage to the chocolates you are after.

    Eat like every now and then. :P

    I shall forward these oh so dear ants to you so that they might have a proper roof over their heads. If you do get yourself an anteater, do let me borrow it for a day, say, everyday.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Oh, I didn't know they ate plastic as well.
    Thanks. :)

    Yeah, I used to pull out and put back keys for wingmates as well but I ended up breaking my '[' key. I suppose the ants gnawed at it and made it weak. :(

  10. i also broke my K. but in a totally different way.
    my guitar fell on it! :D

  11. @Whitelighter
    Kids these days. Total careless, you know?