Two Decades Ago

..the Leela* was born. Yeah, I know this comes a bit late but I wanted to wait for it to be well past the day in all parts of the world and for the last of the wishes to arrive. Simple and sweet, the day was all I could wish for. Gosh! Would you look at the fake humility!

I woke up early just to confirm that the nightmare of my sis and dad having eaten up all the cake before I woke up hadn't came true. A huge sigh of relief later, we dug into the cake. Chocolicious.

Yes, I went to work. Nine hours down. The idea of bunking never really came to mind. Three long phone conversations and four smss later, I got off work. I gave God a few thank yous and a few sorrys and got back some of my favourite Paal Payasam. Mom had sent coconut burfi along with dad who had come to pick me up and yours hungrilly, perched on the scooter, ate it all up on the way, through the roads of the capital city. I can get very, very insane when it comes to food.

Six more phone calls, two of them forming a nested loop and one sms later I was off to Plucky's place with cake and burfi. As usual, she and her weighing machine welcomed me. "Not on my day!", I snapped. Talk about birthday gifts. My weightlessness was the last thing I wanted to think about. But guess what? I am officially one kilo heavier. Yay!

The day is done and what stares back at me is two decades of existence.

*and I don't mean The Leela. :P


  1. The last lines of your post are surprising. You could just see "existence" and not life in it ? So you mean to say that you have been existing for 20 yrs and not lived for 20 yrs ?

    Otherwise, an interesting read (especially the burfis :) )

  2. mmmmm!!
    all those goodies..wonder if this cud possibly count as "sufficient provocation"
    watdu think o 2 decade old lady??

  3. so is der a bday treat cmnin' up???;)

  4. @Gravy hanger.
    That was for the dramatic effect. ;)
    Thanks! :D

    No, not at all! Please don't start off on you-know-what. :P

    @Rachelin George
    Sure. :D
    I see one of your favourite books is GWTW. You might want to read the review I wrote on the movie. I might want to see your comment on that.

  5. oh yeah....that cake sure was yummmmyy..and so was the burfy...couldnt u have bot some more dodo?

  6. @TOAPN
    I ate up half of what I was supposed to bring you due to a very valid reason by the name "Irresistibility". Be glad that atleast that much reached you. :D

  7. First, a belated happy birthday :)
    Second, Where is the treat ? :P

    I never imagined you to be as insane about food as i'm < well,, u might not be upto to my level but i'd say quite close :D >

    And i have a small doubt, " The day is done and what stares back at me is two decades of existence.
    Is this an understatement?

  8. years go by but the craziness never stops! Saluting twenty years of Crazy!

  9. Congratulations on making it past the 20 ! :) And The Leela has a mindblowing logo ! Was the first thing that caught my eye.

  10. @Prakash
    Your eyes are becoming drowsy. You shall forget everything you read here. You shall go into deep slumber now. :D
    Don't you worry. I know I can beat anybody when it comes to insanity.
    As you like it.

    Geez! Thanks for the confidence in my craziness.

    Thank you. Yeah, and a neat looking website too.

  11. Ah am almost dozing off,,, is it due to ur hypnosis or is it due to my night out yesterday i cannot say,,, am in deep slumber, but still my mind has one thought running, to tell you that, my insanity levels rise past the ones of lower mortals,, even i my sleep i cant permit you to live under the delusion that u can beat anybody in insanity :D :P

  12. they didn't name a 5-star after me! :(
    ahppy birthday again btw. guess you didn't write this after the last wishes did you? ;)

  13. @Prakash
    Heard of sore losers? :D
    I tag you to an Ultimate Insanity Challenge.

    They wouldn't name 5-stars after just about anybody, would they?

  14. Too late for B'day wishes... Almost a month late :P Neways Belated Wishes.

    Didn't update your new blog address on my Reader and hence missed ya posts and ya B'day ..... Gr8 to be back here though :)

    Btw, My office is right opposite The Leela, Bangalore. :P

  15. @Aditya
    Good to have you back!
    :P That should keep reminding you of me and my reverie. ;)