Dancing Desktop

It was just another eve-of-the-fortnightly-quiz. I was going through the list of songs in my Music folder and I was surprised when I saw that there were videos of a couple of songs. I don’t usually download videos of songs; hence, the surprise. I played them in VLC player and gave up on seeing the video a little into the song. For the record, it was Speed of Sound by Coldplay. I minimized it and guess what I found?

At first I thought my monitor was going to go kaboom! Or maybe it was interfering with interstellar signals and was trying to contact some intergalactic spaceship. Ok, I am not that eccentric. But, it didn’t. Instead, it was sparkling. A few select regions on the wallpaper seemed to be dancing to the tune of the music. Red, purple, blue, yellow, orange and white glitters were strewn, surprisingly in an orderly fashion, on the wallpaper in a way that actually complimented the image.

I paused the song and the dancing paused. The song got over and so did the dancing. I changed the wallpaper to pitch black so that it would be more clearly visible and there was no sparkling. I changed the wallpaper to another arbitrary image and there was
no sparkling. Had it gone for good? No, it came back once I reverted back to the original image. I tried taking a screenshot of the desktop but the sparkling continued on what we would expect to be a static image. It would cease dancing and become normal once the song was over.

I must add, however, that I liked seeing the dancing desktop more than the video. So, I played the song and watched the desktop dance to it. :)

PS: For those of you who think that I might have hallucinated the whole thing, here’s a picture I took of the desktop. Can you see little red sparkers on the bridge and the trees? I told you so! :P


  1. Sparkles, huh!!!
    Nice Imagination....

    Have experienced it many times.... happens when you have a colorful desktop and VLC minimised....

    But didn't enjoy or appreciate it like u .... Used to get irritated with this particular bug in VLC :P

  2. @Aditya
    Quizzes bring out the weirdest traits in people, doesn't it?
    Glad to know my pained lappy isn't the one being weird.

  3. mine just bulbs. plain bulb! trade?
    you're the goddess of optimism! i would have cried out to infy for help.

  4. grrr...after reading the entire post, i didn't even get to see the sparkles. waah.....

  5. yeah..thru ages of vlc use ive never seen dese "sparkles"..
    it does weird stuff tho..bt den agn dat cud b simply cos my comp sucks :P

  6. @Abhishek
    No. First, dreams then this. Stop asking if I wanna trade or share or whatever. It ain't happening. And that's that.
    Really? Me and optimism? Your gone berserk or what?

    Why not? Isn't it visible in the pic?

    Really? It depends on the wallpaper also like I mentioned. Ah, what kind of weird stuff are we talking exactly?

  7. Sparkles! Should try it out sometime.. Colourful desktop, you say, eh?

  8. arbitly switches to directx output,screen goes blank at d worst moments dat too..
    or starts running superslow as though time dilated

  9. @Kedar
    Yeah, but I am not sure if everyone is privileged enough to get that. :D

    Woah. Ok, something is really messed up.

  10. haven't gone berserk, i'm only being a little optimistic.

  11. lol..for once i get to laugh at u:P
    dun get xcited chinky...it happens at times..like the 1st commentator said...and ya its not the desk top dancing, but er..."patches of the VLC screen sticking on to ya desktop"
    but shud appreciate that u saw beauty int he dancing desky tho..;)

  12. @Abhishek
    Dude, you really need to figure out what you should be optimistic about. :P

    Er, I knew that much. It was obvious. But it was too damn cute. :D

  13. i thought i had it all figured out, i was optimistic!