The Last Bullet

It was an old ramshackle pub, deserted and lifeless. He and I were seated on opposite sides of the table which was utterly empty except for my loyal Smith and Wesson revolver that chose to rest silently on it. There was no air of tension, whatsoever, in the air. But, he knew it and so did I. It was unpardonable. There was no need for a reason to be explicitly mentioned. But, on that fateful day, I felt otherwise. Perhaps, I was in good spirits or maybe just spirits.

The question was laid naked on the floor. It was not explicitly asked, though. He knew pretty well that it was up to him to break the silence. After hours of confused thoughts on his side and antipodal ones on mine, he spoke. He said it. He said it in such a contemptuous way that I squirmed in my seat. The shame and the regret of having trusted him to be what he wasn’t filled me. There was no looking back now.

I was justified in what I had to do. He wouldn’t fight back. I didn’t expect him to. I shot him. He needed two bullets in his filthy skull before he showed signs of death. And then, I noticed something. Something that was capable of changing everything. He had been a live transmitter to those cowards all along. They had obviously set it up just to frame me for what they couldn’t possibly dream of proving by themselves. And, he had given in to whatever it is that they offered him. A selfish worm that did not qualify to be a man.

I did not need any mental preparation for it. I would obviously prefer to take my own life than give myself up to those bargainers. Damn! That was the last bullet! I felt an eerie sense of helplessness that I had never felt before. Disorganized thoughts filled my mind for the first time. He lay on the floor; the blood proclaiming my victory. I fled in no particular direction; the sweat proclaiming my defeat.

PS: Courtesy of “Dream” Productions dated Aug 27th, 2008.


  1. i am worried about you...were u able to escape teh thugs?...hope the see part2 soon.. ;)

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  3. My only doubt is with reference to first line of the second para.

    Who laid question, the narrator or the other person? Was she the reason, this incident of shooting took place?

  4. Weirdo with even weirder dreams. Trust me, no matter how hard you try, you can't beat the onion from Jupiter :P

  5. lol....ur dreams are getting wierder by the day.....try putting night outs daily..:P

  6. @strawberrymargaritas
    I have this perfected talent of waking up just when it gets too risky for me to handle. Sadly, that does not help the "Dream Productions" in terms of kickass action stories.
    Part2? Maybe! You never know!


    Yeah. I think so too. I will give you some time to sink it in. :D

    The narrator laid the question. As far as the second question goes, I think I will let the readers make their own assumptions.
    How did you conclude it was a she?

    Oh thank you for the oh so flattering compliment. And, I am sure I can. You'll see.

    Thanks. True. I wish I could take a video of my dream as it happens. It looks very pseud, like in studdass Hollywood movies.

  7. I mean it, it's really,really good. I think that's the first time I've ever said that to you in ANY context.

  8. Violence Violence ! tch tch ! Think good thoughts before going to sleep :P

  9. @ramblingperfectionist
    Woah! Thanks!
    I don't remember most insignificant things which includes what you say to me etc. but I do thank you for going overboard with the compliments! And, I am not being sarcastic. I really appreciate the comment and the compliment alike.

    I did. I thought of a good well-deserved night's sleep. Maybe it's because I read the newspaper before going to sleep. Maybe.

  10. Ok.. It made a little more sense after reading the previous 'DREAM' tagged entry..

    Hmmmm.. Very violent.. and scary...

    Just one question.. You don't carry no gun to class, right?

  11. Ah! The last line is a good one... So they set u up eh.. i m sure u were man in the dream.. i sometimes get such dreasm.. i once wrote a story on one.. the dream was in episodes.. jus like my story :P

  12. @Kedar
    Maybe it wasn't explicit enough, haan? I doubt if I can come up with such a piece by myself ie., without the alter ego that stars in my dreams pitching in the story.

    Not to class, but perhaps to lab? ;)

    Thanks! And, what makes you conclude that? For the record, I was myself in the dream AND the other guy was a friend of mine, against whom I have nothing, whatsoever against. Really? Where can I find that?

  13. He lay on the floor; the blood proclaiming my victory. I fled in no particular direction; the sweat proclaiming my defeat.

  14. @Abhishek
    Thanks! Thanks again! Thanks a lot!
    Aww. Let it! It's worth it.

  15. you know there are things that others have and you really wish you had.. kinda like a positive jealousy. I want your dreams! :|

  16. Vivid. Class. Poise.
    Great post, seriously!

    Looking forward to more from Dream productions :)

  17. @Abhishek
    No! No way! They are mine, I tell ya. All mine.

    Thanks! Your choice of words is simply exquisite.
    Me too. Only, they are a bit too unreliable. ;)

  18. not boring ya with the usual shtud english stuff...u n i know that just CCPing a chat forya...

    I\I!KI-I!!_: btw,huz leela?
    I\I!KI-I!!_: she's got an awesum blog
    me: oh
    u know her as well..h?
    3:31 PM shes fine
    I\I!KI-I!!_: only thru U
    me: was online a few minutes ago
    their xams goin on
    I\I!KI-I!!_: i read her blog
    leela is asumone of our age?
    me: yaya
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    me: u thot shes elder?
    I\I!KI-I!!_: wat mature style of writing
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    I\I!KI-I!!_: na
    me: wait till she hears this
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    and many othet things
    me: lol
    she's in iitm
    I\I!KI-I!!_: iitm?>?

  19. btw..i shud have to sued u for the title:P

  20. :) Amazing post, with a classy end. wonderful lines, He lay on the floor; the blood proclaiming my victory. I fled in no particular direction; the sweat proclaiming my defeat.

  21. @Neethu
    Thanks for that. :)
    And, why should you sue me? For which title?

    Thank you for going overboard with the compliments. Really.

    Thanks! It's way more amazing to have actually seen it unfold, virtually nevertheless. I guess we have a winner among the lines. :D

  22. Isn't 'question' a girl who got 'laid' ('naked' of course) on the floor?

    Was wondering who laid her down: the narrator or the other person, and hence the previous comment.

    You should probably try re-reading the first line of the second para.

    In any case, sex on the floor must have been fun :)

  23. @Amrit
    I didn't have the slightest clue that you were hinting at such an interpretation!
    Well, it must have been the other person cos I was the narrator. :P Also brings in a jealous triangular love story aspect as well, na?

  24. @Amrit
    Somehow i thot that is what you were hinting at from the time you made that comment however i chose not to suggest the same to the narrator lest she feel offended :P
    however since she herself accepts the triangular lovestory angle...
    LOL onli
    You could have remebered to avoid using the definite article when referring to question

  25. Beautifully written! I love the way you use words!

  26. @Ziddi
    Et tu?!

    Thanks! I love the way you use words too; in the form of comments that make my day.