The 8RF Game...

Yay! I’ve been Tagged by Crazy gal and the game continues.

Here are the rules:

1.Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
2.Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
3.Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

Eight random facts about myself:

1. As a child, I realized that the Earth was spherical but believed that we lived inside the Earth and that its inner surface was the sky.
2. Table tennis, ball-badminton, tennis, volleyball; you name it; I play all these with the one opponent who never loses – The Wall.
3. I never have and never will ride the Giant-wheel. I have, however, been on fiercer rides than that.
4. I have a huge weakness for chocolates and I find it very difficult to share them with anybody.
5. In case my scooter goes out of control, I throw myself off, land safely on my legs and let the vehicle meet its doom.
6. In a batch of 29 guys and 3 girls, I, the puny little girl, was the first to finish the Fitting Workshop piece and I was asked to help out a guy.
7. I had not cried at all for a few months, so I cried once just to clean my eyes.
8. I took a small brown rock from the backyard, placed it in an air-tight bag and claimed it to be a meteor.

Ok. Now that was Random max! Here are the 8 lucky ppl i get to Tag...
1. Neethu
2. Kaushik
3. Rid3r
4. Abhishek
5. Pranesh
6. Akila
7. Grinch
8. Saboo


  1. Girl...! Fitting workshop...!!!
    How the hell did you manage...?? I remember I thought I wud drop any minute, every minute...
    A standing ovation for you....

  2. OMG!! U R FITTING STUDDESS!!! TREAT ONCE U R BACK!! well.. as i usually say, lolzz... :P newaz, now dat i m one of the pepl who is tagged, wat m i sposed to do???

  3. so dus it lyk hav to be the bloggers only or orkut or other users also... nd whr to post the facts

  4. seriously ulti abt d fitting work shop...
    me struggled max and handed bac some convoluted thing wich dint even remotely appear 2 fit..
    bcame my misfitting workshop..

  5. @anon
    lol..good one..ok, if it makes any diff, i had a really bad swelling at the end f the last cls..

    oh btw ppl.. my batch had all 6 hrs on the same day.. :(

  6. looks like we hava winner among the 8 random facts.. :D

  7. ulti!!
    nothing usual abt d swelling atleast uve got sum thing sensible 2 blame it on dis tym..
    bt jus 6 hrs??
    my "masterpiece" was d product of 9 hours of hardwork on 3 different days...
    nd d instructor was ever so pleased 2 c it..:D

  8. tried 2 do it fast cos sm chap pinged ke cs was starting...
    nli after it gt messd i realisd ke patience is d key 2 doin it properly..[:P]

  9. @anon
    The things CS makes you do.. tchtch

  10. Lol Lol Lol!
    Very Very original people we are!!