A-Z Reloaded

Step into my shoes and the English alphabet will look like this.
Inspired by Vatsap?

Argh!; extremely expressive when it comes to anger
Bang!; speaks for itself, doesn't it?
Chocolate; my weakness
Devil; evil laugh
Exceptional; me!
Fish; peace
God; pray
Hunger; Grr!
Insecurity; whatever that is
Jinx; Freaky
Kiss; Ah!
Life; and the beauty of living
Money; to be spent on chocolates
Niche; jus' like me... small 'n' sweet
Oh; gen
Plucky; Definition
Qualm; no qualms about this one
Rival; get insanely competitive
Sarcasm; simply marvellous
Travelogue; love reading them
Universe; it's just so perfect
Vice; definitely vice
Weird; weird
X-men; super cool
Yay!; use it a lot.

Zoom; on my cycle.

That was fun. Give it a try and you’ll see.


  1. is the most obvious one for u i guess...
    i guess u'l bang to tht too!

  2. a competition...hmmm.....
    when nd where... u got me serious now

  3. oye, its not like chalo, bang karne ka samay ho gaya.. Bang! :|

  4. when? when i am hungry
    where? some place wid grub. :D

  5. that was intelligent! place with grub... hw abt the mess :D

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. i just heard a hindi disco song(old no.) that had a lot of "Bang Bang!"nd the only thing i cud remember was u!

  8. Where are you landing up for your 11th darling?

  9. @abhishek

    ok. slip f the finger.. NOT the mess, and definitely NOT vindhya mess.

    give it a break, will you?? out of curiosity though, wats th song??

  10. hmph! dont think u succeeded in gettin me to read ur profile by ur naggin n all.. dat is all vetti talk.. had jus bout nothin to do, so, checked it out... no oder reason watsoever.. no.. no... none at all..

    now, comin to the post, yeah!! cool!! will try it on my blog.. been inactive for quite a while.. next one shud cpme anytime.. jus waitin for SUMTHIN, rather ANYTHIN interestin to happen... and jus to complete formalities,

    lolzzzzzzz.... :P

  11. wt song are we talking abt here... is this the arbit theory of scrapping tht is being followed here?

  12. @kaushik
    yep! tis fun.. try it asap!

    do u hav to lolz every single time? :|

  13. @abhishek
    the song that reminded u of me.. and no, that is exclusively on orkut, i hope.

  14. so tht is hw i'l be remembered... the 's'hit-man!
    abt the song... its an old hindi disco song... will giv it to u if u want

  15. duh!
    aaaand I m finally Twilight fairy.. Thank you :)

  16. oh...learning abc..s huh????hmmm...net here damn slow now...and me too lazy to come up al the way to cc...so wont b online much..cya...how r classes????
    keep blogging....

  17. Yeah, girl! and am good at it too. I still remember the alphabet after all these years. :)
    classes goin good. :)

  18. yep! soo true!! myself was shocked by the way the day turned out to be!!
    hope this series of monday greens never ends!!

  19. @leela for the alphabet blog:
    u GOT to see me blush!! its funny!! and im a self proclaimed dunbo because, dats who i am!! lolzzz.. :P
    thanx for the compliments on the music taste!..
    why shud i get the list of animals i resemble??
    and as far as the climax is concerned.. the whole platform was burstin wid laughter!! :D

  20. tum padh nahi payi.. kyun ..?

  21. from 19 to 14 i cut down 5

  22. 'Universe; it's just so perfect'

    You're having a good time aren't you?
    Anyway, about the alphabet thing.... great concept... guess I'll try it on my blog sometime.

  23. @cygnus
    Yes! and life is becoming more and more amazing by the day!

    It is a nice idea and the best part is you might realize some things about yourself! ;) Try it ASAP.

  24. hungry huuh.....lol

    interesting post though i must admit ...will try out in my blog too

  25. @taz
    Sounds funny to you, eh? You have no idea about my hogging skills. :P
    Thanks. Try it out. It's fun!