Bang! Not again!

24/06/07: 19 30 hrs.

The short version:
I banged again just like this and this. Ouch!

The long version:
I was at this sleepover at Plucky’s place. Hmpf! More publicity. I had to choose between this queen-size bed with an intricately carved wooden railing but a not-so-soft mattress and a study table chair for a seat. As is obvious from my description, I chose the bed and began digging the laptop for useful stuff to send to my pen-drive when I noticed the beautiful pattern on the wall in front of me. Glow-in-the-dark stickers. I am a total freak when it comes to them. I have dozens of them in my room too, mainly dolphins. However, this was different. Stars of different sizes! I was gaping with my mouth wide open.
Me: Wow! they look wonderful.
Plucky: Yeah! I know. Wait till you see the ceiling.
I looked up and saw the ceiling. Wow! Double Wow! There were so many of them and I realized I was gaping again.

Plucky: Wait I’ll turn off the lights. It will look much better then.
The arrogant voice in my head: Duh! Where did your brains go?
Me: Ok. Good idea. Should have thought about it earlier!
Switches off the lights.
A bunch of crystalline stars frozen in mid-air while falling down onto the Earth, yet, seem to fall infinitesimally slowly.
Plucky: Hey, why are you straining yourself so much? Lie down, na?
Me: Ok.
Felt like she had hypnotized me! I was obeying her.
Update: She pushes me down.
Not again! That was when I stopped gaping. I no longer like that intricately carved wooden railing. After it had come in the way of your stargazing, who would?

I don’t know if she had planned the entire sequence of events ;) but well, I had banged again and that’s all there is to know.


  1. ya keep publicising chinky....thnkuuuuu...hey btw..u dint give the link..pluky alone wont do....k?
    "I don’t know if she had planned the entire sequence of events ;)...................."eniku vayya..ente oru budhiyee..... :P
    wishing u more of bangs...many many happy returns of the bangs...

  2. btw...u got sthg wrong..i was the one who pushed u down... :P

  3. LOL
    well done plucky..
    keep up d good work..

  4. @laela(keep counting)
    im nt sure ke ure xtraordinarily prone 2 banging..
    bumping against smthng is not dat uncommon...
    mayb u jus make a big fuss abt it..
    or praps ure hurt more dan normal cos f d lack of an adequate protective layer on ure flimsy bones...
    neway keep up d banging and self paining regime...
    4 a change

  5. i guess all of us who read ur blog r not really waiting of ur bangings... so y dont u just put a bang every now n then nd we shud noe u've dun it again

  6. @neeths aka plucky
    this much publicity wil do. ya, dudette, wonder wat evil plans uve gt cookin in ur head..

    oh ya! how could i frgt tht!!no wonder i thought ki u planned th entire thing.. :x

  7. @anon
    nuf wid th 'imp'ing

    wats th count now? a zillion?? ure jsu sayin tht cz u banged against a sink a coupl f days bac! :D
    waa! my bones aint flimsy.
    dont worry, self painin wont make any diff in the ultimate regime-paining u!

  8. @abhishek
    sure, man. i believe thts exactly y i put up a short version f it. :P

  9. for ur kind info... thr is a 'dugh' too!
    hey i strtd a new blog... chk it out, its a less serious one

  10. Maybe you could put a Bang counter on ya blog...

    Jus kiddin.... Hope it wasn't nasty tho'

  11. @aditya
    :P naa, got used to it i guess. :D

  12. as i said... u have to see it to believe it...

    sure... wud luv to compete wid a worthy(lolz!) competitor!