My mind; it drifts and speeds,
Farther and farther it flees;
Away from the din
Of sincere drilling machines.

They stare at us;
Those shameless zeroes and ones;
Have you not stared enough?
It is not funny anymore.

These mechanical steps I take,
These callous decisions I make,
These confused looks I don,
Need I say more?

I said I was strong,
Can I not be wrong?
Is it too much to ask?
Pray, tell me.

All of this belongs to me.
A life in them, I fail to see;
Chaste and pure,
Adored and cared for.

They say I am expressive;
I stop short of an expletive.
I have lost myself.
Help me search?


  1. Finally something i can relate to :)

  2. after all these days, something completely innovative (or copied)
    still, a very good effort, appreciable!

  3. @Whitelighter
    Mission accomplished.

    Glad to have pleased you especially after your highness wasn't so pleased with the previous post. :P

    You mean the title. I don't even remember you having one. But yeah, I win at being more wasted. :P
    Thanks. Sounds real special when you say it. :D

  4. i didn't mean the title, just the font.
    i can sue you for plagiarism, ignorance is not a bliss in this case.
    i win at being more wasted.
    I'm so wasted, baby. I'm so totally wasted!
    wow! you really know how comment on comments, if that matters.

  5. @Abhishek
    Oh, come on! There are like some 6 or 7 fonts that blogger provides! :|
    You spoil the whole image of being wasted. Tch tch.
    Ah well, thanks.

  6. was jus helping ya to search... :P

  7. Now why did I miss that clear opening for the Google remark!!

    Or should that be "?!" ?

  8. @Whitelighter
    Not everybody keeps their eyes open I guess. :P

  9. wow!!
    did you actually write dat all on your own??

  10. @Ziauddin
    Yeah. I did. :)
    Gee! Gee! I guess I can write poetry too.