Tagged, yet again. Twilight Fairy, again! Bah!
The game doesn’t seem to have a title. The title, Sing, is a song by Travis.

To music!

1. Which song is being played in your mind right now?
One Last Breath by Creed because it is being played on my player right now. Duh!

2. One song that describes your life... (No self made compositions please!)
She’s Always A Woman To Me by Billy Joel. I like to think the song was custom-made for me. Between you and me, it really was. ;)

3. The song you listen to most on your I-pod/ MP3/ cell/ PC/ etc

Moi Lolita by Alizée. My neighbours get psyched out 'coz of the number of times I listen to it both on my laptop and on my phone. Jus’ love the peppy beats.

4. A song that describes best the following stages in your life
days: I’ll be there for you by Rembrants. It just had to be this one. Ah! Good old times! Miss you guys.
- Love: A Whole New World from Alladin. The song keeps it simple and sweet.
- Your mood right now: Square One by Coldplay. Beautiful lyrics.

5. Your all time favorite song and the reason for it... maybe some memory/ some funny story etc!!!

Unchained Melody by Gareth Gates. Acute Amnesia.

6. A song you wish you hadn't heard!!! (More than one is always a pleasure!!!)

Hotel Kalifornia – the weird Mallu version and the like. Eww! They totally make me wanna puke.

7. A song that would best describe... me
(Hey, I took pains to tag you, I guess I deserve this ;-) )

She Amazed Me by Rivo Drei. Crazy lyrics, crazy stuff for the crazy girl. I can so imagine you ‘spinning round and round with a frog in your ear.’ :D

8. (I just couldn't miss this!!!) If, you were in an elevator with Himesh Reshammiya and Altaf Raja, you would...
(please please please... something funny!!!)

It makes more sense if the question was rephrased as they were with me in an elevator. Oh trust me, they’d wish they were never born. ;)

Yay! I'm done. Now to tag people.
I tag Abhishek, Akila, Kaushik, Neethu, Shady, Shrek, Taz, Whitelighter.

Update: Somebody decided to give it a go. Here's Tagged from Shady.


  1. oh this ws th tag u wer talking about...well then bad news theres another tag coming up too...which is bigger and weirder...think u ve alredy been tagged rite/??

  2. @Abhishek
    A tag for a tag! :D

    Naa, the one I was talking about will be up soon. This one had been nagging my 'blogscience' for a few months. I am not sure if we are talking about the same tag.

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  4. hey moi lolita's one of my favs too..awesome beats like u sed..but also it has alizee in it..:)
    and totally agree on dat billy joel song..mustve bin written for you..
    especially dat 'cut you and laugh while you're bleeding' line..wonder why the song wasnt named "she's always the devil to me"

  5. @Ziauddin
    Every other guy is an Alizee fan!
    'She's always the Leela to me' makes more sense, na?

  6. can u blame dem?
    alizee's so cute so obv..[:P]
    Hardly matters..
    wats d difference?

  7. Alizee talk here! Without me!!
    'cute' is an under-statement!
    People, watch the live video you'll be "AMAZED" :D