After a long, long time, I decided to use my laptop, just to see if it was still in working condition. And what do you think I saw? Pressing j produced a ‘k’, k produced a ‘;’, and l did not show anything. The keys were all mixed up!

I wouldn’t stop until I knew exactly what was going on. So I opened Word and decided to try out each character on the keyboard. Suspense and excitement filled up as I pressed each key. Click! Click! Click!

‘8’ didn’t turn up anything; ‘=’ donned a shift to left function while ‘\’ donned the shift to right function. It was all a total mess. But how? I haven’t heard of anything remotely close to this before. The on-screen keyboard came to the rescue but it was not even close to charming. I, naturally, gave up on the laptop.

But what do you know? It was all right the very next day. Weird. Very weird. Maybe the keys wanted change. Maybe dust had messed everything up. Maybe a ghost was playing tricks. Maybe they just got bored of having to do the same old function every single time. No wonder they call it the “keybored”.


  1. gud 2 hear dat ur laptops still giving u a hard tym..
    way to go lappi[:P]

  2. @Ziddi
    Say, you didn't have anything to do with it, did you?

  3. say.. weren't you sleep typing the first time :P

  4. [:D] first the keys are eaten up by ants and then they get drunk!! hmm they r doing a good job of keeping up with ur weirdness :P

  5. er,,very wierd indeed, by any chance was this in your dreams? :P

    Or is the legend of " Curse of the expelled ants " true???


  6. @TF
    Nope. :P
    I remember distinctly. It was load-shedding time when it happened. Now, I wouldn't dream that, would I?

    What can I say? Ants these days!
    Tch tch!

    I am afraid the legend of you-know-what might actually be real.

  7. Similar stuff used to happen to me sometime back.

    The characters c, h, t and s didn't work, and this happened only in GTalk.

    ee wa I'm ryin' o ay ?

  8. Its the revenge of the keys against ur harassment for letting the ants feed on them ;)

    -- Quest

  9. @Infy
    Yay! I aint the only one.
    As regards GTalk, only my enter key seems to have an age-old vendetta with it. Imagine that! You can type everything; even c,h,t,s but not send it!

    Any bright ideas about how to appease the mighty ants?

  10. shudnt u b appeasing the angry keys??
    and for your info no,i dint hav ne role in infuriating ur keys,but dat dusnt mean i cant b happy abt it[:P]

  11. come i missed this surprize the key became bored of u...should let ur lappy and comp (esp the stuff in it)..see other ppl other than u...:P

  12. @Ziddi
    The keys are safe till they decide to revolt again.
    Does it really give you that much happiness? You sadist!

    No idea. Didn't I tell you about Google Reader?
    Maybe they were too scared of you coming to pay a visit. That must be it.

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