Voila! - 2

A header that I have been thinking of for sometime now. The fact that dark font on light backgrounds is easier to read had been haunting since my previous pitch black layout so here's one keeping in mind. I feel so relieved now. Although, it seems incomplete somehow and I know not why. Any ideas?

That's me in the picture, by the way. :)

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  1. I am not sure about the easier to read, but it will definitely consume more energy :) Nice header !

  2. Just the right time to create a controversial change from black to white. :D On a more serious note, I really haven’t felt convinced either way.
    Thanks! :)

  3. hmm looks gud.gues i gotta learn some fotoshop from ya..ll b invading ya house next week.betr b thr...

  4. A change for better, surely. Neat :)

    And now, why does it look incomplete ?

    Probably because it is not properly anti-aliased (scaled from a smaller image, maybe).

    Or probably because it direly needs gradients.

    Or probably, we're just imagining it. It is just completely complete :)

  5. @toapn
    Thanks! Oh sure.
    Aside: Gotta finish off them chocolates!

    Maybe the template aint actaully working wonders for the header?
    scaled down, actually.
    Now why do I forget that every single time?

    Loved that last line. Thanks!

  6. That would make me to begin afresh my experimentation after a series of launch failures ;)

  7. @Viajero
    All the best with that. Do let me know about your ventures.

    Am taking a photo.

  8. wow!
    dats certainly an improvement from the old thunderstorm header.
    ur photoshop skills r getting better nd better btw..
    neat bit of work this
    cudnt u have chosen a better pic tho??

  9. @Ziddi
    Thanks especially for putting a flashy name to my previous header.
    Well, this ironically has a pic of me shooting a pic. That's why I chose this.

  10. got d irony chinki..[:)]
    jus dat u shud have put some pic wid d awesome north east scenery in the background..

  11. @Ziddi
    Oh like that!
    Sure will.