Tour Tidings '08: The Dessert

What better than the videos and photos of the oh so beautiful North East for the dessert?
Photos are on picasa.

Videos follow.

Movie #1:
Presenting the first movie made by yours truly. It's an edited compilation of the videos taken when dad, mom, sis and myself visited Haridwar during the latter part of the North East expedition.


  1. niice pics,awesome scenic beauty
    cudnt c ur directorial debut tho..
    buffering dusnt work here :(

  2. decent movie... gud pics...
    but when did haridwar become a part of the North-East of India?

  3. @Ziddi
    It's way more beautiful than the pics make it seem.

    Thanks. :) No da, the Haridwar movie was made first. Besides, the other three movies kinda go together.
    Er. I know where Haridwar is. The post is titled Tour Tidings and not North East Tidings for a reason. :P