I can hear the busy life of a fellow human being unfolding just outside my room. I should not be overhearing even if is not disturbing my mindset at all. Like a careless child, I lay face pressed against the pillow that’s clutched firmly by my hands. It almost makes it seem like I am worried. Am I? I do not know. All that I can feel is the numbing sensation one feels right before sleep sets in.

The fan makes its rotation felt. It is not a disturbance; it is just a desperate call for attention. The arcane sounds from the woods outside my window have subsided. Or have they stopped affecting me?

One of my eyes sees the world around; the other shuts itself and lies buried. The open eye aches at times; the other has always been numb. Bikes whiz past proclaiming their blaring engines in a vain attempt to tease me.

I have given myself up to the play of Time.


  1. nice stuff written. i could never write this, mostly because i can sleep in a battlefield and not be bothered.

  2. @Abhishek
    Thanks! I belong to the same category but imagine a deviation from the usual for a change? Imagine chaos within your head!
    Feels different.

  3. I like to play with time ;)
    studying the subtleness around you?

  4. @Viajero
    Really? What do you both play?
    I have recently started to record the infinite lines that surge through my mind at the drop of a hat.

  5. my chaos doesn't need wordly interference. that's the only difference.

  6. Chaos still lurks in my head as I'm reminded of an almost similar thing that had happened. Just that it was my ac calling for my attention then :P

  7. @Abhishek
    :) I wonder how that feels.

    Bravo! What a classic example you've got there! :P

  8. feels like something i'm trying to avoid these days, coz its addictive.. somewhat. you wont want to sleep then. and the next day'll be difficult.

  9. naaice now uve covered all d states of mind in ur blog wide awake,pre sleep,dream land,just awake..[:P]
    awesome neway..d ability to write well on such arbit things is rare..nd ure blessed wid it[:)]
    great going!!

  10. @Abhishek
    Interesting. Very interesting.

    Thanks for that wonderful synopsis.
    I suppose so. If I could write about something as arbit as you, I suppose this is a breeze. :P

  11. lol...liked d comment on ziddi..ya..and ditto ziddi's comment to u....written well chinky

  12. it's pretty simple, you think too much, crash late, wake up uneasy, feel sleepy throughout the day.

  13. There must be something more to life than what we see around us ... mechanical monotonous motion ..

  14. Chaos theory? :D

    I have given myself up to the play of Time.
    Awesome line!

  15. @Abhishek
    That's it. Then I have done that. Yay!

    Is it worth finding what that is? MMM is the rule of the day. You go against it; you are weird. Period.

    Heh. This kinda theory; any day.
    Thanks! :)
    And, thanks for dropping by.

  16. I loved this post. Absolutely loved it. I think I'm becoming a fan of your blog!

  17. @Jean
    Thank you! :D
    You are finally getting somewhere. Good for you!

  18. something exactly what i feel sometimes...yea, all's in the play of time..blown by the vagrant breezes from windmills of god..

  19. @Ginny
    Glad to know I ain't the only one. Beautifully worded!