Of T. Nagger

Disrespected T. Nagar to Koyambedu,

It’s broad daylight. This deluxe bus is far from deserted. I am making it amply clear because it didn’t seem like you were aware of either of these facts. Do you really think your shameless show of senselessness was commendable or manly in any way? A disgusting demonstration of man’s basal nature – that’s what it was.

My hands are not waxed. Neither are they moisturized religiously. I wasn’t wearing anything even remotely stylish or revealing. I rarely do. Why me? What made you look at me with those animal eyes? Why did you decide to stand near the door in such a way that you couldn’t see me but could brush your arm against mine?

You look like a typical Tam movie villain’s spoilt son. Are you? Is that your license? Like a helpless girl, I shrank in my seat. I can’t really do anything like they show in the movies and expect Mr. Hero to come and kick some butt. Were the elders in the almost packed bus blind to it all? Were they deaf when I asked you to move your hand away? Are you deaf too?

I suppose you saw the cheer come back to my face when I got the chance to move to another seat. I suppose I saw the irritation on yours. The “Hi” you shot getting down at your stop from near my window would have met with a class-A expletive had the bus not left the next instant.

Zilch regards for you.

-T. Nagar to CMBT.


  1. oh really??:O..i hate it if it happens to me...hate it like hell.....

  2. @Neethu
    Yeah. Understandably so.

  3. all you needed was to scream or shout or question his moves loudly. This guy would either have been beaten, or would have jumped out of the running bus. That's the way to go about with these kinda guys. Don't you watch news channels?
    I better keep my shadow away from you now that you know the right way to tackle.

  4. You encounter lechers everywhere, can't avoid them. But Tam lechers were a whole new experience to me!...Know why? Coz i don't understand a thing of what they say, it all being in Tam. :D
    It's rather amusing some times till it crosses limits.

  5. @Abhishek
    Like I mentioned, it was not entirely unnoticed by the co-passengers who decided to do nothing about it. And besides, you can't expect it to be a bed of roses when you decide to raise a fist against something of this nature. Don't you watch movies?

    Too late for that now. Muhahaha!

    Lol. They talk in Tamish English to put pseudo professionalism.
    It makes good blogposts and good conversations on chat. Anybody cribbing?

  6. @Whitelighter
    LOL! Get every girl one.

  7. ok, don't get me wrong, but I love the way girls and especially women behave when they see a man coming towards themselves. I mean, I've experiences. This female coming from the opposite direction, and suddenly she drifts away from your potential route, as if you're some wanted rapist. I feel disgusted at times too, because not every man is a beast. I prefer to drift away myself on these occasions at times, but the other times, I just enjoy the happenings. :D

  8. @Abhishek
    It doesn't justify looking at every male as a potential wanted rapist but it probably doesn't hurt to play it safe either. It is acceptable for a male to look admiringly at a female but not solely as an object of pleasure and enforce oneself on her.

  9. sadly, in today's world, if you don't know the female, its not acceptable. i feel disgusted because of some other people from my gender. does it mean every man should try for every girl standing at a traffic signal thinking she's a prostitute?!
    obviously not. my point being, females overdo it, doubt everyone, which is wrong. IT'S WRONG!!

  10. Its time for the pepper spray.....

  11. @Abhishek
    We could go on debating, but there's really not going to be a change in the scenario. Girls will always be looked at as objects and hence, guys will always be considered as threats. It might seem unjust but there's really no other alternative. Well, technically they don't doubt everyone. They usually spare the old folks from the doubt.

    They'll just make a debate out of it and reach the most obvious conclusion.

    One word marathon, ay?

    That sounds like fun. :D

  12. @Whitelighter
    Care to enlighten?

  13. Shud have slapped him hard.... Guys like that ought to be taught a few lessons....

  14. hey,

    there's nothing one can really do in such situations. there are some people who would naturally fight and create a ruckus, and some who won't.

    it really sucks. i always believed that the south would be better than the north, but it's worse. the number of pervs roaming around has reached rather alarming numbers...

    honestly, i think it's the film industry that does this. just because in some film, some weird-sorry-ass-loser gets a girl, every tom, dick and harry thinks that they are some super stud and women would swoon at their every move..

    if i had any hand in the making of laws in the country, people like that would be arrested, and have certain organs cut and burnt (in front of their eyes) and then they would be parraded on republic day (maybe naked?) while people would throw tomatoes and eggs at them.

    sorry to be rather ugly, but i feel rather strongly about this..

  15. @Whitelighter
    True, man. Totally. It just gives the wrong message.

    True. But, I really doubt if that would change their perspective at all.

    Glad that you second me on the harsh reality of the fact that nothing can really be done in such a situation. I have been warned all my life that north is slai worse but apparently they atleast come to the rescue of someone who is a victim of such an atrocity whereas here nobody really bothers.
    Yeah, the media does project the wrong image but does it so consistently that everyone tries their hand at this losers' game.
    My vote's for you. :D
    I am glad you feel strongly about this issue.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  16. @ Leela :

    I'd never really be able to understand how it feels, but I know a lot of women (my friends) who have had worse experiences on buses in Tamil Nadu.

    Honestly, there's something wrong with the world. The number of pervs are growing at an alarming rate...

  17. Firstly, there are some who don't know that anything of this sort happens. Secondly, there is predominant apathy to this when it does occur. Thirdly, most girls (even the so-called independent generation girls) prefer not to talk about it at all.
    I wanted to expose these issues through this post.

    Yeah, I didn't have it rough but it's true that worse things happen. Who is John Galt?

  18. @Kedar
    Checked it out. It's a scary world out there.

  19. "Were they deaf when I asked you to move your hand away? Are you deaf too?"
    you should have smiled at him and should have said "Brother, please move your hand away" louder enough so that the guy, as well as others could hear. i'm sure you'd have found the difference.