Have You Ever

Have you ever felt something that has made your day feel complete?
Have you ever waited for that something all day?
Have you ever held someone responsible for that something?
Have you ever felt like blogging about it?
Have you ever wanted to post it before LAN goes off?


  1. I have.
    I have.
    Of course. :)
    All the time.
    Oops! Net@insti sucks!

  2. Always.

  3. @Amrit
    Wild guess. The Circus where you are a Joker at? :D

    Few days? That's a long time.
    Thanks for dropping by.

    Drafts do not do justice to the whole thing. Ephemeral things have to be dealt with then and there, before the day technically gets over. Get it?

  4. @Ziddi
    Jus' the perfect thing to say. :)

  5. Sometimes.
    Even worked towards getting it.
    if he/she is responsible.
    many a times.
    in vain.

    Why do you ask these questions?
    Did something of the sort happen to you?
    Are you blogging this for a reason?
    Why is this post so confusing?
    I don't have a fifth question. :D

  6. captured before day over. publish the next day, fine!

  7. Feelings drift by
    A breeze among trees
    A sudden whooosh !
    and a fallen leaf
    swirls up and above
    the forest greens.

  8. Used to....

    Right now I miss the "waiting for it to happen" thingy... [:)]

    Well penned neways :)

  9. Hate the insti's Lan-Ban timings too?

    Well, you could just continue typing (that's what I do). Only problem is, you will be able to upload it only the next day.

    But the best part is, your fellow insti-friends (who also suffer the Dean's wrath in the form of the Lan-Ban) won't know. Just upload at 2pm :-)

  10. hehe... i kno where this is going....someone somthing n all....

  11. @Abhishek
    Woah! That much enthu, eh?
    ..and if not?
    ..and the rest if the times?
    All hail the LAN - ban!

    I like rhetorical questions.
    The post isn't filed under fiction, is it?
    To emphasize and celebrate the good stuff that happens to me.
    And, I have no fifth answer.

    It just wouldn't be the same.

    I should start a blog dedicated to the comment-poems you write that never fail to make me smile. You have beautifully worded precisely what I wanted to convey.

    Aww! Thanks!

    Yeah. Wow! What an eye-opener you are! I would never have thought of that! :P

    It's going on my blog. Duh!

  12. @Whitelighter
    DCF is to be used for strictly academic purposes. I am telling the Dean. :D
    Your display name is longer than your comments. :P

  13. @Leela
    I didn't think my answer was worth an exclamation.
    Neither did this one.
    then no.
    I'm plotting to get the dean killed ('assassination' is for the more respected people). Every insti student pays 100 bucks. you in?

    Were they rhetorical?
    Is this a rhetorical question too?
    I'm pretty sure this one isn't.
    But, I did have a fourth question!

  14. yea, waited but wudnt happen..so, posted abt it..but still nothin hapnd..may be, shud post abt nothin happenin!

    cheers!! ur blog makes a nice read...

  15. @Leela
    Laptop own. DCF Wi-Fi.
    Comment longer! :)

    100 too much.

  16. @Abhishek
    Well, I thought otherwise. You have a problem with that?
    I got a fifth line to this blogpost just because of the ban. Do you see my cribbing?
    Your questions make me feel like I am on the witness stand in a court. :|

    Aww! That's sad.
    Thanks! Glad you liked it.

    I am telling Dean anyway. Your intentions seems fishy.

  17. @Leela
    Dean fishy. Intentions anyway. Complain!

  18. oops i din comment on this one??
    well...as i saY...NO comments for ya 'poems' :P

  19. @Rohit
    Lol! That comment reply sounds funny everytime I read it. Reminds me of Morse Code, somehow. :D

    Compliment (??) accepted with an expressionless face.