Lone Coward

There are bad times just around the corner,
There are dark clouds hurtling through the sky
And it’s no good whining
About a silver lining
For we know from experience that they won’t roll by,
With a scowl and a frown
We’ll keep our peckers down
And prepare for depression and doom and dread,
We’re going to unpack our troubles from our old kit bag
And wait until we drop down dead.

- Noel Coward

PS: 'Noel' anagrammates to 'lone' which makes 'Noel Coward' 'Lone Coward'. 


  1. And wait until we drop down dead
    Is it that to everyone death makes more sense than life, or is it just me?

  2. er....ur poem?whose Noel guy?(am i bulbing?:O)

  3. @Neethu
    Er, no. It's not. Noel is the guy who said these lines. When are you not bulbing, anyway?

  4. whenever you shut your mouth:P