First time for everything - 3

“I am telling you! Pongal at Tifanys is not worth it. I have only ten minutes left for the next class and I really don’t want to miss it. You can have your breakfast later, can’t you? I repeat; Pongal is not that tasty there. When I said I wish I could have some, I meant it as a wish. Nothing more.”
“Pongal at Tifanys. And that’s that. No arguments. You can get to class a bit late, I’m sure.”
“Oh well. Fine. I can’t believe you are making me do this.” smiles

After some fifteen minutes, I got back to class. I had left my bag in class when I left. I entered by the back door and found, as expected, that someone else had taken my seat with my bag beside it. I tried my best not to disrupt the class as I entered and settled down. Being almost invisible helps at times.

As my bag containing my stationary stationery and notebooks was elsewhere, I asked Ramya, who was seated in front of me, for an extra pen. She gave me one. And a notebook to write on too. Just then, the professor shouted, “Out! Get out of my class this instant.”
“But, sir. I had come early to class. Even my bag is somewhere here only. I had just gone out for a couple of minutes.”
“I said out.”

I walked out of class thinking what was going to be my next first.

PS: This is the first time I have been sent out of class by a professor. Ouch!

PS2: And presenting, one more from the Dream Productions. If you are new around here, that means that this was a dream I had on the night of 4th November. :D


  1. Doodh , Mamme and me were thrown out of ID class and that too in a very comic way.
    But other than that I was never caught for entering the class late or leaving and re- entering in the middle.

  2. Stirs some memories!
    (Refer to Abhinav's comment)

  3. Again, I thought the huge onion was the height.

  4. one word.. stationery! :)
    the other word, bewildering..

  5. @Abhinav
    Woah! Sounds like a lol level story. Good for you. This hasn't happened to me either.

    Indeed. :)

    Now, I have to know.

    Oh no. Not that one! That's just weird. Really weird.

    @Kaushik Vaideeswaran
    Um, what?
    And for the other one, indeed!

  6. lol...i seriuosly thot u were kiked out...was filled with 'admiration' 4 u :P....che!..ellam kalanju...:P

  7. For one moment there, I thought you were actually becoming a human

  8. @Neethu
    Mission accomplished. :D But I guess it will take a long time for this to ever become a reality.

    What do you know about being a human being anyway?

  9. just when i was about to appreciate the little imperfection you had mentioned, you added PS2. We don't have back doors in MM classes. But then, we have professors who are used to latecomers. How is the pongal at tif, anyway?

  10. well your table items are maybe stationary but they are called "stationery".. common mistake :)

  11. @Abhishek
    Ah, you appreciate only imperfections? The default mode of our professors is to mind latecomers.
    I've never had Pongal at Tif and I don't intend to either.

    @Kaushik Vaideeswaran
    Typo! Changed now. :)

  12. That wasn't a part of the movie. There was an "After a few minutes..." page displayed just before the classroom scene kicked off.

  13. well then, how did your mouth taste after a few minutes?

  14. @Abhishek
    That's not part of the script.