Through Images

* For the 20 questions that have been asked, write down your honest answer (in a word or two).
* Type your answers, one by one, on an exactly-as-written-on-paper basis, in the search bar of any image search engine that you prefer (Flickr / Google Image Search etc.).
* You MUST MAY use the same search engine for all 20 answers.
* For every answer, only from the FIRST page of the search result, save exactly ONE image.
* Once you have a list of 20 images, each corresponding to one answer, compose a post in line with this post that you are reading right now.

I was tagged by: Twilight Fairy

I tag: Neethu, Abhishek, strawberrymargaritas, Shady, Shravan.

Image search engine used: Flickr, DeviantArt

To read the answers, hover over the image.

1. My age:

2. I am passionate about:

3. My favorite place:

4. I have a thing for:

5. My comfort zone:

6. My favorite animal:

7. My kind of art:

8. The town where I was brought up:

9. The town where I live:

10. A past pet:

11. A past love:

12. Current love:

13. Best friend's nickname:

14. I want:

15. Screen name:

16. A bad habit:

17. A dream:

18. First job:

19. I miss:

20. What am I doing right now:


  1. did you actually have a chick as a pet?
    or was it an egg that you cooked for breakfast?

  2. Yes, I did have a chick as a pet. A yellow one at that.

  3. i flattered!!!....:D
    or hey wait a it for the cakes?:P:P

  4. @neethu
    i think it's for the cakes

    considering the case where i take the tag up, am i allowed to put up pictures of non-living pets?

  5. Coming here after a LONG LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time!

    The new template rocks, first of all. :D

    And awesome tags. You googled them right? :P

  6. Nice but past love was ambitious .

  7. @Neethu
    I'm glad you are. :D
    How rude! I had written that part way before the cake season! I'm really hurt! Make up for it.

    Stop manipulating Neethu!
    I suppose.

    Ah, welcome back. Where were you all this while? Thanks! :D
    I used Flickr and Deviant Art.

  8. @Aniket
    Yes, the little one of a hen.

  9. Even I had a coloured chick as my pet:):)!!

    I'll def take up the tag but gimme some time:):) okay?

  10. @Shravan
    Oh! What colour was it?
    Yeah, sure. :)

  11. whoa! u nailed the post! if that was ur comfort zone, u shudd check out mine ;)) cheers!!

  12. @Ginny
    Um. Really?
    What's yours?
    Cheers back.

  13. long time since seeing ur blog..
    this is wats kept u busy lately i guess
    template accha hai but i thot the old header was better
    and lastly i sure hope nee takes my advice this xmas :P

  14. This tag is difficult :P You are actually expected to google for images?! Quite jobless :P

  15. @sm
    It makes the blog look all cheerful and colourful. :P
    What did you expect in the vacations?

    Same pinch. I had a yellow one too. :)

  16. @Ziddi
    Ah, welcome back! Point noted.
    Nee didn't have too. There were no cakes!