A full circle

Two extremely bored people might find themselves doing this on GTalk.
On a more philosophical note, life came a full circle. The game quite involuntarily,
began as well as ended at 'life' and we just played. Relentlessly and patiently, we (Santosh and myself) played and played till it was done.

Oh, and designed another header, in case you didn't notice. :D

L: life
S: death
L: grave
S: black
L: blog
S: write
L: poem
S: beauty
L: smile
S: joy
L: laugh
S: thrill
L: bunjee :D
S: fall :)
L: fracture
S: :D
L: :D
S: bone
L: weight :))
S: fat
L: argh :))
S: Leela! :))
L: :PP unique
S: identity
L: loss
S: faith
L: arbit
S: thought
L: mind
S: fickle
L: gullible
S: weak
L: malnutrition
S: food
L: chocolate :D
S: love
L: blah
S: :D idiot
L: dumbo
S: :| stupid
L: Santosh :))
S: stud
L: lingo
S: regional
L: doordarshan :|
S: outdated
L: oblivion
S: forget
L: bliss
S: tasteless
L: fever
S: cold
L: frostbite
S: ignorance
L:Weirdo max! useless
S: redundant
L: coding !
S: program
L: assignment :(
S: submission by 12 tonight :D
L: website
S: info
L: data
S: table (data tables)
L: graph
S: point
L: pointless
S: conversation
L: coffee
S: hot
L: burn
S: fire
L: plasma
S: !!!!
L: :D
S: television
L: news
S: update
L: blogpost
S: again???
L: obseessed!
S: clearly diary
L: personal
S: feelings
L: vague
S: ideas
L: bulb as in cartoons
S: light
L: optical fibre
S: road will explain
L: tar
S: smooth
L: touch
S: sparks :D i am weird, very
L: No doubts welding
S: bright
L: sunshine
S: heaven
L: angel
S: innocence
L: child
S: youth
L: wasted
S: opportunity
L: knock :))
S: door
L: duh! break
S: lunch :D
L: king size!
S: drowsy
L: numbness
S: blood rush
L: river
S: bank
L: stones
S: obstacles
L: life


  1. lol...
    and i thought i was jobless

  2. @Culsec
    I wouldn't insult it by calling it joblessness. Besides, as was mentioned I had an assignment to be submitted by midnight.

  3. wow...thts wht they give for assgnments in elec!!!
    y dint i try for a bc :(

  4. Abhishek: i
    Abhishek Again: can't
    A: believe
    AA: i
    A: read
    A: the
    AA: whole
    A: thing
    AA: JESUS!
    J: yes
    JA: my
    J: child
    A: :P

  5. @Culsec

    Who absolutely loves whose blog now? :D

    Right! A perfectly full circle

  6. bleh??
    is tht the new word for argh?

  7. my goodness... absolutely vetti ;-)

  8. I'll be honest here,
    You blogs are... decent. (sorry Jesus, I lied. I'll tell her the truth when she's far enough to not be able to kill me)

  9. "Half circle, full circle, half circle, A; half circle, full circle, L, A"
    What is it?

  10. @Culsec
    Here you go.

    A pity. It would've made more sense that way. Talk about overestimations!

    Yeah, very. You have no idea!

    It's ok. I know what you truly feel about my blog. ;)
    A kiddish verse that you concocted?

  11. interesting post. u might come upto half my level in the vettiness scale :)

  12. @Prakash
    Gee gee! Privileged!

  13. i love my childhood so much. i still have the hangover.

  14. @Abhishek
    ..with respect to kiddish verses? Let go, man! Let go!

  15. its some kiddish PJ, COCA COLA :|
    she's really bad at this!
    don't tell her, dude!
    whatever, uh!

    btw, welcome to the 'bleh'ers!
    who loves who's LINGO now?

  16. u still obsessed with 'oblivion'? :D

  17. hey, ever since my mom read my blog I've been trying to publicise it silently :) ... well, I've posted a new letter and sort of should like to find the female perspective on it... do read it and comment ,will you?

    btw, I'm nerdier than 70%folks I'm told ...that any good?

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. weird indeed..
    and circle of life??
    who're you kidding?
    making excuses likdat for ur limited vocabulary which caused you to run out of words and use life twice is such a pathetic ploy..
    btw hw did u xpect anyone wud read dis full post??
    mustve dozed off after d first ten words.[:D]

  20. torturing poor SG wid bleh...
    urban dictionary haan??
    looks like u alredy mastered d oxford one??

  21. @Abhishek
    Nice try. I know what you are really thinking.
    Tell him the truth.
    No, never!

    Whatever gives you that idea?!

    Mom?? Woah!
    Chalta hai. You can join the group. I hear it's contagious. You will become better. Don't worry. Pats on back.

    You and your crooked little processor. I thought I told you to practise being mean on others, not me!
    Urban dictionary is more au courant. What say? ;)

  22. and wat made u think such a crooked processor wud obey u blindly??[:P]
    french haan?
    think dat intimidates me madamoiselle lee?
    Je suis beaucoup mieux en francais que vous.
    and urban thingy is pseud but no replacement for d oxford one..old is gold naa?

  23. English!

    bring on lingo, urban dictionary, french, german and god knows what else! We'll soon forget our English!!