Black gold

I just had to dedicate a post for this. I had black coffee for the first time today. I have always wanted to try it. For those of you who don’t understand the seriousness of the issue, I am someone who takes coffee just for the smell and invariably always requests it to be made light. Black coffee is like the extreme end, for me, in caffeine intake. I was sure that I wouldn’t drink more than a sip of it. No milk, no sugar; just water and Nescafe. Imagine that!

The water was getting heated. I was told time and again that I wouldn’t like it. Bah! I myself knew I wouldn’t like it. I just wanted to see what the fuss was about. New taste buds need to form, it seems, for one to appreciate the taste and these would form only after drinking a few glasses. After these new taste buds form, one will die for it. Someone who hasn’t tasted a particular thing before wouldn’t know what it should taste like and hence wouldn’t be able to appreciate it. Imagine having to hear all that while that innocent little mug of coffee was carving itself. I must admit I thought I would puke at the first sip.

The coffee was finally ready. The exotic aroma was totally exciting. I really wish I could smell it again. It was a heavenly, irresistible smell. The drink as such was as simple as simple can be. Clear, black and inviting, there it was in front of me in a homely little mug. I ventured to taste it; I didn’t puke. On the contrary, I drank the full mug. I have never drunk a full mug of normal coffee, of anything for that matter. Didn’t I say that I am a unique person? It didn’t feel unpalatably bitter, which is, quite frankly, all that I expected from it. It didn’t feel awkward; neither did it feel special. But, it had a wonderfully unique taste, something that I really can’t explain. It doesn’t taste like normal coffee at all. Milk spoils the real taste of coffee, not to mention dampening its pure aroma. I drank till the last drop; I felt good.

After about ten minutes, the taste started to manifest itself like the hangover of a funny lunch at the mess. It had an eerie lemon-tee without lemon like taste, albeit not in a bad way. It goes without saying that I am wide awake and I feel more energetic. On the whole, it was worth it. As far as my second cup is concerned, I guess only time will tell. I would, however, suggest you get yourself some black coffee sometime, if you haven’t tried it already.

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@Amrit Bhaiyya: Thanks! :)


  1. Your description of black coffee does not do it justice. It is something that cannot be described at all. A truly delightful drink.

  2. @Whitelighter
    Did you not read the post properly? "But, it had a wonderfully unique taste, something that I really can’t explain." Maybe this is why you should read blogs when you are awake. :D

    The new early morning work plan includes blog reading also, eh?!

  3. nice post. although i have suffered {quotes made by fingers}bitter{/quotes made by fingers} incidents with black coffee, i cannot deny that it is better than any other form of caffeine [Exception: roast coffee beans]

  4. All tht glitters is not gold :)

  5. @Abhishek
    What kinda {quotes made by fingers}bitter{/quotes made by fingers} incidents?
    Roast coffee beans, you say? Wonder what that tastes like.

    ..but tastes like it.

  6. roast coffee beans!!!!
    dont try it at home...
    or anywhere else for tht matter

  7. u nvr tried black coffee before??
    u forcefed "black gold" to everyone unfortunate enuf 2 b near u on a certain day..remember?
    nd u dint ever hav it urself till nw?
    evil creature!!

  8. @Ziauddin
    Oh yeah! The day the Devil and the Imp faced off!
    Geez! You compliment me a lot. :D

  9. well, i think i'll blog that incident sometime.
    as for coffe beans, it tastes bitterer! try it out sometime, devil's own is topped off with em, but i want to try those big beans, raw ones.. at least once in this lifetime

  10. One more caffeine addicted being!

    You described the whole experience so beautifully that I wanna try a cup of black coffee now.

    And yea, *smiles*

  11. @Jean
    Whoever said anything about addiction? :D

    The purpose of the post stands served. I smile.

    And yea, *smiles back*

  12. Very interestng, this reminds me of my first experience with black coffee :)

  13. @Prakash
    ..and that reminds me of your experience with detergent coffee. LOL!

  14. milk spoils the taste of black coffee
    just as it spoils the yumm taste of protinex!!...not sure you will agree to that one :P :D

  15. @Pushkarini
    I really don't understand how you can possibly relish eating protinex.

  16. switched from advertising proteinX to balck coffee huh?
    u shud seriously think of working in an ad firm:P

  17. @Neeths
    Ah well. I try out many things, don't I?
    Geez! That would make a good 'ad'-on for the blogathon.

  18. Black coffee... i just love it... having a cup of black coffee in one hand and reading ur post...