Murphy's Law

On the one fine day that I have three blog posts to put up and I am all ready to put them up, this happens! Bah!
Talk about Murphy's Law.


  1. yeah, its happened to me as well. s when are the p

    PS: intentional ;)

  2. @Abhishek
    It's just that the timing it chose was so bad. Three blogposts on mymind and this is what I get.

  3. heh heh!!
    thot dis day wud never come..
    remeber someone mocking me when i was on d receiving end of murphy's law??

  4. @Leela
    :) I assure you. There are some here who are suffering from the worst consequences of the worst of murphy's laws. :|

  5. Surprising that you don't have anything at your bookmark toolbar

  6. @leela
    you didn't get my point.

    i didn't get yours. :|

  7. @Abhishek
    "It's just that the timing it chose was really bad. Three blogposts were on my mind and this is what I got." Better now? And yeah, it was incomplete because I had to leave in a hurry. It is complete now. Phew!

    Your encounter with Murphy's law was out of the world. Even Mr. Murphy himself would have been amazed. :P

    Like who? Like how?

    I had my bookmarks until the day Mozilla decided to play spoilsport and I had to restore defaults.

    They have already done most of the talking.

  8. Hah! For want of something meaningful to say

  9. er,, what happened to the three posts? :P

  10. oh thats very sad,but u really had three posts in mind?

  11. ha this happens always....grrr.....

  12. @Prakash
    Yeah, I really had three posts in mind.

    Heh. Really?