In the Light of Fireflies

In the light of fireflies is a collection of poems written by Sudha Rajkumar. I got hold of a copy of the book and here’s a small review I thought I’d write.

The book, comprising of poems written over five years, gives the reader an insight into the thought process of someone who tries to recover from a shocking misfortune. The author has gracefully brought out the feelings and the emotions that defined her during the course of her life after her husband’s accident. The poems, simple though they may be, invoke questions on the mere existence of man. All through the book, one can see a sincere attempt to find answers to these questions and more. The book is, surprisingly, neither cynically pessimistic nor is it incredibly optimistic. Here is an excerpt, that I couldn’t help relating to, from a poem that I have bookmarked.

Rising to the peaks of happiness,
Flying free in air,
The very next moment falling down
Deep into the ocean of sadness.

Here’s the review in The Hindu and here’s the review at Vatsap?


  1. i being illiterate in terms of literature, have no right to comment on the poems. but, a nice short post. glad its not a book in itself :D

  2. @Abhishek
    I never noticed that you weren't that into literature, especially poems.
    Heh. I suppose so.

    Thanks. :)

  3. i suffered a reader's block back when i was 2 days old.. haven't been able to get over it ever since. :|

  4. very nice lines, clearly depcting many of the situations that we come across in life.

  5. @Abhishek
    What did you read on that first day?

    Yeah. Simple, sweet, yet serious.

  6. Grammatical error.
    comprise is never followed by of

  7. @Abhishek
    What could my innocent blog possibly do to you?

    Corrected. :)