Like identical drops of water, we live;
The same space, we inhabit.
Coalesce! You say?
Nay, for a wall have we created,
And like spawn shall we subsist;
With gooey stuff separating.

PS: This poem created itself in a dream I had on the night of 28/05/08. Freaky!


  1. :) no comments on the poem.. but i've not been able to visit your blog coz of the weird url :P i think u ought 2 make it more available ..cheers!

  2. Heh. I know. Been thinking of the same.

  3. :) well i've nothing to say but lemme put some physics(phart) here, two drops together we coalese when the attractive forces can outweigh the surface tension :P guess we all have to get out of our differences to tunnel through the surface tesnsion barrior :D

  4. what isn't freaky about you, temme that.. :P

  5. @Prakash
    I apologize for not keeping a calculator and a table of surface tension coefficient values with me while I sleep. How could I possibly commit such an unfortunate crime?

    Thanks. :)

    Whatever isn't crazy about you. :P

    Thanks! I shall take that as a compliment.

  6. wow!too bzy dat u started blogging while dreaming h?
    btw STOP WRITING POEMS..i never understand dem.hmph!..continue writing write ups plzzz....;)

  7. hmm..
    all ur creations seem 2 be d product of ur slumber.. perhaps all dat crashin is fruitful afterall [:D]
    have you ever come up wid smthng wen awake?[:P]

  8. @TOAPN
    Geez! Chill da.

    Er. Only two posts were produced by Dream Productions.

  9. wow...its amazing tht even in ur sleep u can comeup with something so meaningless.....must be modern poetry..:)

  10. onli two??
    dats jus d poems naa..
    even the story abt d gal and d gangsters and shattering world was from dream productions..
    dat makes about 50% of the fictional entries on ur blog..
    bin doing too much stats lately..[:P]

  11. @Culsec
    It's an art, I tell ya! :)

    Go do your math again. One poem and one story; that's all.

    All hail the new statistician on the block!

  12. no i won't do my math again cause i did it pretty well the first tym around..
    i counted d c slot xam morn poem also dat formed jus as u woke had to be d product of d nights thought processes onli..
    so there 'miss i am so smart'.

  13. @Ziddi
    That is technically not the work of Dream productions. It's from Post-Dream Productions. :D
    so there 'mr know it all'

  14. I'm so moved by this poem that I'm bursting out of respect for every water-filled pothole I crossed on my way here to be able to coalesce and prove you wrong. I cannot possibly express my feelings other than the one which reads "Damn mosquito!"
    So proud of you!

  15. you dream poetry?

    I always end up sleeping while reading a book, and as i close my eyes, i continue reading stuff..i make up the story going alone!

    It s freaky..i distinctly remember later on that i loved what i "read"..but i can never remember it :(

  16. @Abhishek
    Geez! Thanks!
    I'm sure those mosquitoes are good natured and eat only greens.

    Wow. That's one awesome gift. You might want to check out Underworld
    for something even more freaky.