BD101-Introduction to Bar Dancing

Objective: The year is 2050. There is going to be a nuclear holocaust soon and two representatives of the most necessary professions are going to be sent for five years to stay on board a spacecraft till all the radiation and all that has subsided so that they can come back and bring up a civilization. One member from each team is to represent that profession and prove to the audience why they must be one of the two to be chosen.


"Who was that?

I represent the not-so-humble not-so-neighbourhood bar dancers. Let me transport you to a world five years from now. Those who have survived the nuclear holocaust will be at an all time low. They would have lost everything they ever had till then. Everything they ever lived for. Imagine that! We, the bar dancers, have been around for a long time now; from as early as the times of the Mahabharatha. We have survived through all the lows of life possible. Trust me when I say lows. We have been through hardships that you can never imagine. And hence, it is we who can help you through these troubled times.

We give hope to the hopeless and ensure they get what they need to survive through the tough times. We all remember the scene from Munnabhai MBBS where the guy with the cancer dies a happy death, don’t we?

We can understand emotions and connect with all kinds of people. We know pretty well what others need, if you know what I mean. And we give them what they need too.

We teach people to love and live happily. That is exactly what would be lacking five years from now. And that’s exactly why you need us at that time.

Besides, we don’t pose a threat to others. Corruption and other such big words mean nothing to us. Actually, we don’t even know their meaning properly.

Last, but definitely not the least, point is that, you see, two people will be chosen to stay on board the spacecraft and five years is going to be really, really boring. Wouldn’t it be better if we could, well, spice it up?”

PS: This was a part of the workshop organized by Shell to Fuel our Career. And, for the record, I won the most votes in a show of hands. Overwhelming win, it was. I did see some people with both their hands up. :P And a few compliments later that day.


  1. arey o chhammak chhallo, thoda naach humko bhi dikha de!
    starts singing
    Kajra kajra re, ere kaare kaare naina!
    congrats on winning. tell me if you ever give a stage performance.

  2. @Abhishek
    Ishh! ;)

    Thanks. Sure thing. :P

  3. Way to go! I was a pirate .. I almost swayed the crowd .. but people were naturally prejudiced ! Couldnt quite help it :P IITians are despo buggers anyway :P

  4. Wow!! That's quite an explanation for sending a bar dancer into space!! :)

    Guess you would've won hands down!

  5. @Harish
    I bet you looked like a goody goody pirate. :P
    Excuse me! Oh well, you are right about that anyway. Living proof you are of that, aren't ya?

    Oh yeah! Quite weird that people would prefer to send a bar dancer and not a nuclear physicist!
    Yeah, you guessed right. :D

  6. abt writing a book?? :p

  7. i want an invite too...
    Ishhh indeed
    Kya ada hai Paaro!!

  8. Even a female lamur in your position would've won the show of hands, given the choice of profession. :p

    yeah reiterate - scarlett in the making. (hope you get it this time.)

  9. rofl!
    I expected better from you ;) :P
    Congratz! Treat! Treat! Treat?

  10. nuclear physicist?? Now tell me how will you perform if you were given this one?? (If you can)!!

    Actually it could turn burning, if it's for a nuclear physicist! Lets see how u make this interesting! :)

  11. @Multimenon
    Sure. Why not.

    Thanks for that bit of appreciation; rather, the absence of it.
    And no, I didn't get it.

    @Abhishek SiM
    Ah, sorry about that. :P
    Treat only if you are the nuclear physicist. :D

    Nuclear physicist, statistically, was the second highly voted candidate when the same game was carried out at several other institutes.
    LOL on that challenge. I think I will look at that tempting possibility.