Nurture, nourish, nurse

Shadowed by misguided decisions,
Brightened by a candle in a storm.
Ephemeral rapture; the rule of the day.

Choking on my own words,
Gasping on hearing yours.
Leave me alone to rot and die.

Take me, use me, leave me.
A forthcoming frown found I for a friend.
Pessimism; my way of life.

Tears safely hidden in smiles.
One credible play after the other.
A facade to keep me alive.

They chose to abandon;
They increase in number.
I run back; I bleed, yet again.

You have it all; you make a statement.
You have nothing; you cannot even try.
Nurture, nourish, nurse and ditch.

PS: I think I can finally post this. Each stanza was written at different times during March and April 2008 and then I changed the order for some logical flow. I thought it was too negative to be posted then.


  1. Well dint really feel that negative! Somehow just felt oddly similar to one of my poems

    " My life has passed in change after change,
    now in security i feel too strange,
    My restless heart does make me go on ,
    moving and drifting on and on... "
    this is an excerpt from that

  2. It's not that negative! In bloggerville, I can find such a huge negative vibe that this sounds less negative!

  3. amazingly written :) and is depressing, conveys the depression alright! but i am in too good a mood today to be infected by it :)

  4. @Taz
    Really? I was told that it was a bit too negative to publish.
    Ah, will check them out.

    Right back at you!

    That's a relief. I wanted it to seem less of a rant actually. That's true.

    Well, thanks for the confirmation, the support and all that. Good for you; I am in a good mood as well. :P

  5. leave that is to be left,
    steal wat is to be theft,
    cheer that is to be cherished,
    find wat is for you but the best

  6. didi, hoping everything is ok with you.
    all the best for end-sems.

    sad poem. I wish I had more leisure to enjoy the lines...

    an interpretation: i tried imagining these lines with an old woman whose sons and daughters don't care about her anymore. actually suits somewhere here n there!

  7. @Anon

    Now what?

    @Abhishek sim
    Sab theek taak hai.
    Thanks. And wish you the same.
    Sad na? I knew it.
    Actually yeah, that's a different interpretation. I hadn't thought about it.

    Ah huhn. I see.

  8. @leela
    put it in an infinite loop u will find wat one lives .....

  9. 1. sab theek thaak hai

    2. why?

  10. Amazing poem..Actually moving depending on how one interprets..