Heights of Cogging - TCF

When the Teacher Course Feedback* form gets cogged in front of your eyes, you know new heights of cogging have been reached.

*Teacher Course Feedback form is an OMR sheet ritual that's done for every course at the end of the semester for feedback regarding the professor and the course.


  1. we have a similar thing!! We've to give an online feedback and we end up giving an excellent in everything for everyone! :( no other option!

  2. hehehehe...rotfl max. and SHORT!...jus the kind of post we need to cheer us up during exams...go leela :-)

  3. er...okayy..{so what shud i do abt it?:P}
    Anyways...we have to do this online...n we vent our relative grudge to our proffs..but usually it never produces any desirable results:|

  4. "Cogging.." Na there are better ways to provide feedback like.. Drawing funny cartoons of u know who.. or writing poems on OMR sheet or simply give 10 for every question and write in bold letters with a thick marker across the page "U S#CK". Coz u know some of them deserve it. Haha..

  5. LOL!
    Well I never saw anything like this during my 4 years!
    How else do you think someone who has never seen the prof rate him/her? Gotta be fair to the Prof in question after all :P

  6. @Shrav
    Ah! That is what happens most of the time here too. But then someone suddenly got the urge to do some justice to the system and since it was only a little contagious, others decided to cog it instead.

    Ha! You have a unique way of looking at things. Am glad it cheers you up.

    Nothing. It's called information. Right. What should I do about it?

    Very innovative, that.

    Well, now you know. True. Some really need to be given the real picture.

    Rightly said.

  7. hehe..v do hv a similar thing..the only diff bein tht ours is done thro the comp..and its called TEACHER EVALUATION wich commences prior to the pre-registration...
    Happy coggin!! :D

    yeah..as nee says,it doesn give out any honest results tho.. :(

  8. Though the prof may never see it, I love the following ritual:

    1. Rape him/her in the feedback.
    2. Write your classmate's name and roll no. on the sheet.
    3. Show it to the concerned classmate instead of just submitting.

  9. never knew first of all ..someone could be so jobless to cog a tcf and then someone else even more jobless observing it.........

  10. i think the blogpost should be renamed height of joblessness... :D

  11. @Multimenon
    Ah. It's probably just as bad. I haven't observed results here either.

    You have reached new levels of kiddoness. Congrats!

    Right. It's difficult not to observe when the person next to you does it.

    But, cogging came first. :D
    Are you both the same Anon?
    Are you the same Anon in all my recent posts?

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