First time for everything - 2

fTime: 9:15 am

New text message

Put proxy.
Put its the proxy.
Please put its the proxy.
Please put its the proxy for B slot.
Message sent!

..and that is the first time I asked someone to put a proxy for me. It has taken me 4.5 semesters to get myself to do that.

Ah, well. What's next?

PS: Here's First time for everything - 1


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  2. @Abhishek
    One up, it shall be!

    No, I ain't low on attendance. I did that just for the fun of it.

  3. Whats next..?
    May be u'll join 'W' bachao aandolan..

  4. It started on a dark windy day. Dead leaves were up in the air, following the gusts of wind like zombies. Leela typed in the fated words on her keyboard. "Shall I ?" she thought, but only for a second. It was done. Little did she know how this day would affect the rest of her tumultuous life.

    Ah ! See how well you inspire me to write :P

  5. Shit Lee la :D not u! u r supposed to be the muggu babe in batch!
    so my first time for getting a fake medical certificate to get rid of a W was awesome fun too! more on it later! :P

  6. @Harish
    Do you realize that every comment of yours has either been an impulsive poem or a creative piece? Nice, I say! :D

  7. @Strawberrymargaritas
    Zip it.
    Do tell me. I might actually try that too. :D

  8. wooh! proxy in IIT?? esp after 4.5 sems??

    P.S: I was being sarcastic! Why did it take you such a long time! We had proxies in our first sem itself!

  9. Another Scarlett in the making

  10. Simply couldn't believe it. No, no way.

  11. ah!somebody is growing up:P
    PS:i havent till now;)

  12. I was caught for putting proxy in my first semester only , had to write a letter to the physics hod , but u know habits are hard to change.

  13. 4-5 Sems Really Lolzz
    But I must admit expected :P
    So Whats Next ;)

  14. @Shrav
    Ever heard about ethics and principles and the like?
    Now hear about impulsive adventures. :D
    PS: Chuck the IIT this and IIT that. Totally unnecessary.

    Who? Me? You can say that again!

    Believe it. Believe it!

    You are such a kid! I have always been more mature than you even though you weigh heavier than me. :P

    Everybody did it in first sem itself?! Woah!

    I can't digest the exclamation mark after the 'what up'. How does it sound? What expression do you put on while saying it?

  15. @Taz
    I know. I know. Don't laugh about it too much.
    Next blogpost will tell you what's next. ;)

  16. No proxy's for me till now :( :(

  17. does this mean I can ask you to put proxies for me occasionally?

  18. Wheeww!! Okay!

    P.S: IIT this IIT that is because I find your college really charming and can't stop talking about t! :)

  19. ah! talking about weight....a lighter post coming up soon;)

  20. @Ginny
    That's sad. You should try it out sometime.

    Ah. You find IITM charming haan? Good good. Keep talking then. :P

    Ooh. I hope it makes me feel good.

    LOL! BG-esque is indeed the right one for it.